Wednesday, October 31, 2012

[Vegan MOFO Day 22] Bye Bye MOFO & Looking Ahead

Today is the last day of MOFO - oh no! What did we do before MOFO? Oh ya zines - for me. I can get back to working on a new issue and working on some new jewelry, one item I have been planning on for like six months!

Since it is the last day of MOFO and it landed on a 'try something new day" I want to talk about holiday plans. I just got the Vegan Food Gifts book via the box with a smile on it last week. This has inspired me to create some gifts in jars for people on my list.

The book is really cute! The ingredients are easy to find for the most part and each page has a nice layout and gift ideas on how to give items. I think the gifts would work for vegan and omnivores a like. A lot of ideas are great to do in batches if you work in a office setting you could make each person a yummy jar! I am thinking some of these things for neighbors would be a hit!

I also have not picked up my knitting needles in forever. The big local craft show I have done for like the last  5 years was a no-go this year. I usually start knitting fingerless gloves for shops and shows. They seem to be a big hit and are much requested. I need to go yarn shopping, I want to knit up 2 fast scarves for a homeless couple we know...Also buy their furry companions some fleece blankets as it gets cold...

Speaking of holidays - it is Halloween! I did not find much in the way of cute-spook this year! It is OK, I am really trying to not add more clutter! I hope your Halloween is fun - even if you are staying in like us! We have mini bags of Oreos, Swedish Fish and Sour Patch Kids to give out! Also once Matt gets home from work we give each other little Halloween gifts! Maybe tonight we will watch something spooky!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

[Vegan Mofo Day 22] Tea Time: Starbucks

I have been ordering tea at Starbucks lately because my decaf usually ends up being caffeinated...I can handle the caffeine in tea more so than coffee. If it is cold I get a chai tea bag (not a chai latte - the mix contains honey) with steamed soy milk and either a pump of caramel syrup or vanilla syrup. The soy milk tastes so much better steamed - do not miss this step!  I also really dig on the vanilla rooibos tea. If it is hot outside a black tea with lemonade hits the spot! Another warm weather fave is a passion tea apple juice with a pump of classic and pump of raspberry! Matt likes the passion tea lemonade sweetened!

I go to a coffee place and order tea - so what!?!

Monday, October 29, 2012

[Vegan MOFO Day 21]Weekend Round Up: Memories & More Veganized Fast Food

Matt was shooting again this weekend so I stayed home and finally addressed my Halloween cards! I picked them up Friday night from the printers. I am way behind this year!

Saturday was the 9th anniversary of my sister's death. Matt overheard a coworker talking about glow sticks in balloons for a party and I thought that sounded cool so I wanted to bring a few to my sister and some lil things I picked up for her. My mom always is decorating the cemetery with dollar store finds.Some people may find this morbid or weird but I feel it is a way to remember and celebrate someone you are missing. My mom pulled up as we got there and I shared some of my candy loot that Amber sent me!

Dinner was at Thai House, our fave place to eat in Modesto (not that we eat out a lot around here). They really know how to hook a vegan up! The fresh spring rolls with sweet and sour (and for me salty) sauce is a must have! If you are ever in Modesto - go here to eat!
The other place in town we grab food from - Greens Market had vegan doughnuts and brownies so I picked a few up and we had them after buying Halloween candy at Target (again very last minute) for Halloween! It is nice having vegan stuff in town!

Our Sunday dinner plans were flipped. Last minute decision was to create a Carl's JR guacamole burger! This was just a last minute deal with loads of guacamole, organic tomatoes, FYH jack-cheeze on a seeded wheat bun! After looking at the Carl's Junior menu I noticed a 'veg' option that is a bun, guacamole, veggies and cheese...I am not sure how popular that is. Their other option is a turkey-guac burger. I bet the vegan Quorn patty would be a good bet for a fill in. However I have not found them anywhere! So the Gardein fresh patty was what I used! With a side of fries dinner was good!

Friday, October 26, 2012

[Vegan MOFO Day 20] Fast Food Friday: Carl's Jr Memphis BBQ Burger

When describing the Memphis BBQ Burger to Matt: pulled pork, crispy onion strings, cheese and a patty, he asked "is that real?". Yes it is real and it looks as if you can get a double patty version if you are inclined! The single patty version clocks in at 1030 calories, 55 grams of fat, 135 mg of cholesterol - kinda scary right?

So for my last Fast Food Friday for MOFO I had to veganize it! I started off with a seeded whole wheat bun, patty of choice: Gardein fresh burger, cheeze, Just Pure Foods crispy onion rings crushed up, pulled jackfruit tossed in a spicy BBQ sauce and more BBQ sauce added!

Verdict: winner! Seriously good, messy and with a side of fries it was a fast food fake-out to the max! Sorry for the less than stellar close up, we wanted to dig in and I wanted to eat and watch American Horror Story! Just a few notes: I used Follow Your Heart's Monterey Jack instead of cheddar due to it being on hand. I also used way less onion strips because Matt hates onion - however these crunchy gems were a hit, they were spicy and added a kick!

Once out of MOFO-mode I plan on trying more fast-food fake-outs! It has been fun, things that look/sound gross are actually winners!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

[Vegan MOFO Day 19] Good Enough To Eat: Fresh Perfumes

I like perfume...I like it to be clean and personal. When I say personal I mean I want to smell the scent on myself and if someone hugs me to smell it. I do not want to walk in a room and leave a trail of scent behind. I really hate when someone wears so much perfume it smells up the whole room and makes you feel ill. Also why do people feel the need to wear perfume to the gym?!?

I have tried a few of Fresh's fragrances, which are all vegan. I am currently wearing Cannabis Santal - which states it is a male fragrance but I find it unisex. I usually like fruity/foody scents but this is warm and sweet. It has notes of plum, chocolate and a woody note to it...Perfect for fall!

Fresh has scents ranging from fruity to musky...Sephora carries the line and you can spend the day just smelling all the scents! What fragrance are you wearing right now?

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

[Vegan MOFO Day 18] Trying Out Soups & Stews

This week the temperature dropped and there was rain. I have already pulled out extra blankets and turned on the heater because I am so cold! It is perfect soup weather - unless your boyfriend hates soup and Matt hates soup. Well, hate is a strong word, he only likes soup if he is sick and he is very picky about soup...Of course no onion chunks and no big chunks of veggies especially carrots! What is a cold girl to do? Make a soup-stew!

This is a version of the soup I made for my interview for Veganville's blog. I swapped out seitan for soy curls and the can of black beans for a can of lentil and barley soup mix. It was way good, very warming and Matt liked it.

I am now searching out more Matt friendly soups and stews to try! This winter soup will keep us warm!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

[Vegan MOFO Day 17] Tea Time: Pumpkin Spice Rooibos

Another pumpkin pick this week. Trader Joe's Pumpkin Spice Rooibos was bought last week and I have been trying it out. First off it comes in a pretty tin - I will use it to hold spices or something later on. The taste is really mild, in fact once I put coconut creamer in the tea, the flavor was lost. I have been drinking it strait up in the morning to warm me up. I think it would be OK with some flavored syrup if you like your tea sweet. I am not one for sweet tea unless it is more of a tea latte or something.

The tea is worth trying, it is inexpensive and again comes in a nice tin. It is also a higher quality tea, so it is not powder bits in a paper tea bag. You actually get little tea pouches which is nice.

Monday, October 22, 2012

[Vegan MOFO Day 16] Weekend Roundup: Naps & Stuff

This weekend Matt was shooting a music video and I just sat around after my plans got cancelled and watched South Park on Netflix...I did do some shopping and we went out to dinner but other than that it was not a eventful weekend! I even took a nap - I am not a weekend napper!

My friend sent me the Meat Lover's Meatless Cookbook and I read it and got some ideas. It is a vegetarian cook book with a lot of vegan recipes. Also the vegetarian recipes can be made vegan for the most part. 

I did try Kaia Foods chips in Chili Lime. I saw they are from Oakland and Sprouts had them on sale. I did not like them. I tried getting Matt to eat them, he did not like them. Same goes for my parents! The texture was not to bad - more like a cracker but they had a super odd aftertaste, like rancid spice. Maybe our taste buds are off. Has anyone else tried them and liked them? I do not like posting negative reviews but I am curious to see if anyone likes them...

Today the weather is rainy and cold. I just want to curl up in bed with a book and nap!!! Tonight I am making a big pot of spicy soup and trying to stay warm! 

Friday, October 19, 2012

[Vegan MOFO Day 15] Fast Food Friday: Subway Buffalo Chicken Sub

I used to eat at Subway many years ago...however spending $5 on a sandwich with wilted GMO veggies and nothing more did not sit well with me.

Don't mind the crumbs guys - it was put together rather fast! I made this sandwich last night. It is a buffalo soy curl sandwich on a roll. I experimented with hot sauce, while I usually go for Frank's I tried Wizard's mixed with Tabasco. I saw someone using a sweeter hot sauce on a cooking show and was intrigued. It was good, a sweet mild heat was great with crusty bread! I should have put ranch on the thing but my mind was all over the place, I blame caffeine and hunger! I served it with original PopChips - I love those things!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

[Vegan MOFO Day 14] Good Enough To Eat - Body Butter + Contest CLOSED

By now you all know I love baked goods/food scented products for my body. When I was informed that Trader Joe's had a coconut body butter that was vegan I ran out and bought one. The smell reminds me of vanilla frosting mixed with birthday candles - I know odd right? It is not an overwhelming scent but light and sweet. What makes this body butter amazing is that it absorbs right away and instead of a greasy oily residue your skin is velvety soft! I have been using this on my sensitive hands before bed and it is really nice!

I bought another tub of the body butter to give to one lucky winner. All you need to do is tell me when it comes to body products do you have a favorite scent and if so what is it? It also helps if you have a way for me to contact you if you are the winner. The contest is open to everyone and I will pick a winner Sunday October 28th in the afternoon! Good luck!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

[Vegan MOFO Day 13] Trying Out New Products

When we went to Whole Foods last Saturday we got to sample some yummy vegan products! I was happy because when I go to Costco I rarely get to sample anything!  Actually everytime we have been to the Oakland Whole Foods in the day time they have vegan demos! Yes!!! 

I saw Genuto in VegNews magazine and when the demo was setting up I got really excited. We tried the Double Espresso flavor and the Simply Pistachio flavor. We both think the Double Espresso won the taste off! It had a nice coffee flavor balanced out with a chocolate richness that was nice and smooth. Both flavors had a nice texture and were really creamy.  I wanted to get back in line to try Chocolate Cardadmom...the line was to long - bummer! Right now you can find Genuto in N.CA stores but I am sure it will be expanding soon!

I am a fan of chocolate energy/snack/meal replacement bars. However, I find some taste chalky or powdery - yuck!  I liked Square Bar after sampling a bite - no chalky taste here. They are gluten free, contain stevia, are a sweet and satisfying chocolate fix without making you feel all groggy. I brought home a bar in the Cocoa Crunch flavor and it was a good after gym pick me up!

Yay for sampling some new products and buying some to take home! I wish more stores did vegan demos! There have been times when I bought something that looked good only to hate it! Sampling fixes that and saves money! I know Trader Joe's often demos vegan products - but they often mix vegan products with non vegan products to create the little sample dish - oh no! Little cups of coffee do not count!
The downside of samples are that people are slobs. Walk around a store that gives samples and you will see sampling cups, plates forks just tossed all over the place. Honestly find a trash can - throw it out!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

[Vegan MOFO Day 12] Tea Time: Pumpkin Ginger

I bought this tea recently on a trip to Cost Plus. They had a variety of fall teas and I always like The Republic of Teas selection.  I tried this tea a variety of ways, it is very subtle, I pick up hints of flavor, I wanted something a bit bolder but it makes a great fall drink. I brewed up a cup of coffee, let the tea bag infuse for a few minutes and added soy creamer! It was pretty tasty and a perfect fall spice drink! 

Monday, October 15, 2012

[Vegan MOFO Day 11] Weekend Round Up: Busy In 2 Cities

OK, so 2 cities is a was more like 4 but whatever!

Friday night Matt and I just chilled at home, after shopping for a bit. Matt updated his PS3, I read and we went to bed early...but with our porch light being repaired, a meow-y Mar and the PS3 needing attention my sleep was not all that great.

Saturday we got up early - for a weekend, but decided to be lazy in bed. So our plans kept changing. We decided to go up to Oakland and grab a light lunch-snack since we were having an early dinner.

Once in Oakland we headed to Whole Foods, we grabbed vegan taquitos from the hot case and a Blue Print Juice. Normally I would not spend $8 on one bottle of juice but I was curious about all the hype. I picked out the lemon cayenne agave - since I like sweet and hot. It was not really sweet but it had a kick. Would I spend $8 on it again? Most likely not! I will just get some lemonade and add a pinch of cayenne! 
We scored vegan samples of some yummy food demos that day. Some rad products that I will blog about later this week! 

We tried to do some shopping and it did not really work out. So we headed to Berkeley along the ocean route to meet up with GiGi  from Veganville and her husband at Nature's Express for dinner. We were on a tight sceduale because we had to drive back to Emeryville for Matt's film night...

GiGi interviewed me for her blog - she will post it later for MOFO and made us sinfully rich cake in jars - well, that is what I called them! Yummy chocolate parfaits with light airy coconut cream...I was so happy meeting her and her husband! Super nice people who made my night right!

So we love Nature's Express. The food is awesome, the service is fast and I like everything I have tried! 

Stellar burrito - spicy, sweet and comforting!

I ate it with a side of chili.

Matt got busy with a chik-un melt and fries!

We headed back to Emeryville and watched movies, including Matt's...Hung out and then decided to head back over to Whole Foods to get some perishables before going home. We found Beyond Meat in the hot case - in the form of a green chile sauce base, so good, Matt and I wished we got more. We saw a few people go for it while we were packing our box up - it is popular and I hope to see it out on the market full force!
What is rad about WF Oakland is they have vegan pizza by the slice...When you are going close to closing and the slices are getting small - you might get lucky and get a free slice like we did! Score! We had food in the parking lot, went across the street to 7-11 and got coffee to take on the road and headed home.

Fun times! We will be back in the East Bay soon enough! We love it there!!!

Friday, October 12, 2012

[Vegan MOFO Day 10] Fast Food Friday: Locos Tacos

We have all seen the commercial by now for the locos tacos from Taco Bell. It is a Dorito shell with the usual taco stuff inside. It is easy to be grossed out and want one at the same time.

I attempted making my own version seen here on Matt's plate. I served it with a little bowl of refried pinto beans with hot sauce and cheeze like Taco Bells makes. Well, my Dorito spice mix needs to be adjusted the chip - taco combo was there but it needs more kick. The tacos were a bit darker in person - but not as red as the ones on the TB commercial.

Basically I made a seasoning of nutritional yeast, paprika, salt and garlic powder. I tossed the shells in the oven - since they contained coconut oil I waited a few minutes for the oil to release, pulled them out and sprinkled them with seasoning on one side.After putting them in the oven for another few minutes I pulled them out, flipped them and sprinkled more seasoning on the 'naked' side and baked another minute. The shells turned a golden color.
I am sure you can spray cooking spray/oil on the shells, sprinkle/dunk the shells in the spice mix and then bake. However I did not want to get super oily here and tried this method...It worked!
The filling was soy crumbles cooked in a bit of vegetable oil, lettuce, Daiya shreds, hot sauce! Next time I will play around with the seasoning to get a more vibrant color and kickier taste. I assume Doritos get their color from food dye and MSG!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

[Vegan MOFO Day 9] Good Enough To Eat: Satrbucks Freebies

Next time you are at Starbucks picking up your coffee with a splash of soy milk - hit up the bar area for free beauty booty.

Sugar in the raw packets: there is enough sugar in one lil packet to get your lips or elbows smooth. Take it home, add a bit of olive oil or coconut oil in a bowl with the sugar and massage onto you lips or a dry spot (avoid your face - the sugar is to course for the face area). Brush off of your lips or wash it off your dry spot. Sugary and soft!

Napkins: Recently I read that the napkins from Starbucks make great face blotters...I have oily skin and a few hours after putting on my makeup and running errands I can be pretty shiny. So I tried using the napkin to remove oil...It worked! It worked just as well as my pricey lil blotting sheets!

Now if only the chain would reverse their new gold card ruling and give us gold card users free soy milk again...

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

[Vegan Mofo Day 8] Trying Out More Sandwiches

 I guess breaking out of my food patterns has put me into another food pattern: sandwiches. Maybe next "something new Wednesday" I will pass up on sandwiches.

First off a pita pocket sandwich with organic green mix, organic avocados, organic tomatoes, baked savory tofu, hot sauce and hummus dressing. So I have never picked up a bottle of Trader Joe's hummus dressing before - it is good. Actually I think it is the same stuff that comes with the lentil wraps that I get on occasion.

Second sandwich Boca vegan nuggets (those on the side were for Mar to eat and Matt to try!) with organic sprouts and the same ingredients above (minus the tofu)...

I was craving comfort food so I made BBQ pulled 'pork' using jack fruit and mixed it with mac and cheeze. I made Matt a pulled jack fruit sandwich to try out...I just ate mine with vegan-buttered toast! I have been in a toast mood...

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

[Vegan MOFO Day 7] Tea Time: Orange Red Carrot

I am a fan of Republic of Teas blends and this one stood out when I was at the store. I like orange carrot juice so I thought a tea form of it would be interesting. The rich orange color is nice, the scent is sunny and the taste is very citrus, clean and warming. I drink mine hot without sweetener. The citrus notes add sweetness and a flavor that I believe does not need anything added to it. Even though it is caffeine free it picks you up first thing in the morning!

Monday, October 8, 2012

[Vegan MOFO day 6] Weekend Roundup: I Rather Be In Bed

This weekend was spent doing not much of anything. Maybe the cold weather is getting under my skin or I am just PMS-y.

Friday I went to the DMV since Matt got out early. He had a team building day at work - his work even picked him up a vegan lunch from our fave Thai place down the street! I had to renew my license.It was so crowded and I hate being jammed into a room with a bunch of people. Not the best way to start off the weekend! I needed a new ID though and got to wear my gently used $12 jeggings I bought at Plato's closet - the same pair I was looking at online for $58...Score right?

I started reading Catcher in the Rye - because you know it was banned book week...Matt recommended it to me...I spent Friday night reading while Matt broke in his new Resident Evil game! In between chapters I put up a new zine in my Etsy shop! Ohh and mending a burnt mouth - my plate of nachos tempted me way to much for me to check the temp before I took a bite!

How does one fix a burned mouth the next day? An ice cold Slurpee! After Matt and I ran around looking for props for his next project and doing errands we went to 7-11. I was armed with this list hoping to score some vegan snacks. I only found the mint cookies which I shared with Matt that night. They were good - thicker square thin mint type cookies! Oh - if you are wondering, the Slurpree flavor is cherry with a splash of banana at the top!

Grocery shopping was another weekend event - my favorite part was getting a new rewards card with pink doughnuts all over it...Oh and I got a handful of Seventh Generation laundry soap samples at the store...I like free stuff! 

Maybe it is the fall weather but I am craving Speculoos spread on toasted wheat bread. I pulled out a jar this weekend and have been using it on toast...It is about lunch time now, I think I need some toast with Speculoos spread as part of my lunch! Maybe that will perk me up!

A bonus pic of Mar - we spent time playing in the yard this Saturday! I think he kinda has an eggplant shape!

Friday, October 5, 2012

[Vegan MOFO Day 5] Fast Food Friday: Jack In The Box Tacos

2 tacos for 99 cents? It seems like a dream come true for some. Actually I think some people were dreaming when they said Jack In The Box Tacos were vegan (Google search it). We know fast food is cheap and uses soy to replace some of the meat, actually JITB came under fire for it, but JITB tacos are not vegan....UNTIL NOW!!!!

Behold Jack In The Box 2 for 99 cent tacos - veganized! The are easy to make, cheap and in Matt opinion taste like the real deal. I vaguely remember the tacos - maybe even think I remember them.

[What You Need]
-one can of vegan refried beans (I used Amy's refried black beans)
-one package of corn tortillas
-shredded lettuce
-shredded vegan cheddar cheeze 
-hot sauce
-sea salt
-vegetable oil for frying

Heat up about a 1/2 inch of oil in the frying pan on medium  high heat. Get a tortilla, spread on a layer of beans (keeping it centralized - so it does not seep out of the edges). Add a tiny pinch of salt over the beans and gently fold in half. Do this till you have the number of tacos you want. Fry each taco for about 1-2 minutes per side, till they are crispy. Once removed from oil, place on a plate lined with paper towels and sprinkle with a bit more salt. Add a bit of lettuce and cheeze to each taco. Serve with hot sauce and if you are inclined some french fries like I did above!

My mom turned me onto this recipe! Matt was like "you can't make those tacos at home - no way" after his plate of tacos and fries he was very happy and content! My mom and I debated using a ground soy product with the beans - but honestly you do not need it! If you are using black beans - the dark look and bold flavor will be there. My mom said the salt is necessary and Matt said the taco sauce is a must...I think it all works out together! 

Thursday, October 4, 2012

[Vegan MOFO Day 4] Good Enough To Eat: Coconut Lime Shower Wash

On a whim I picked up Tree Hut Shea's coconut lime shower while I was at Ulta. I liked how it smelled, kinda tropical but not over powering. I am a fan of things that smell like fruit or baked goods. After using it in the shower my skin felt soft and moisturized. The body wash is free of parabens which is important to me. It is under $10 for a large bottle - it is so creamy a bit goes a long way.

The line says there are no animal ingredients used but after looking around I see some items contain lanolin and bee products. However this body was is vegan and is a great buy! Oh and the scent, while tropical is very clean and great for a gal or a guy! It is not super fruity or perfume-y. 

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

[Vegan MOFO Day 3] Sandwiches & Soy Curls

Since I went to Whole Foods on Sunday I bought items I cannot find around here to try. I walked away with a lot of winners.

On Sunday after coming home from the film festival, hitting up the gym and then the store I was tired. I wanted something tasty and simple. A smoked jalapeno tofu sandwich with Daiya cheddar wedge cheese (new to me - I have only had the shreds!), vegan mayo, fresh organic veggies on a sourdough roll. Served with Matt's fave, crinkle cut fries (I usually by different fries but these were good!). I want more sandwiches for dinner!

We are no strangers to soy curls - I order them bi-weekly from Spencer's Market. However I usully prepare them the same way - pan fried in BBQ sauce, which is so soooo sooooo good but hey - I am trying to break out of a rut! So after trying buffalo soy curl pasta and liking it, I decided to do strait up buffalo soy curls. I just used my standard buffalo sauce Frank's + Earth Balance and after the soy curls re-hydrated I tossed them in the sauce and pan fried them. Served with steamed broccoli, mac & cheeze and left over oven toasted sour dough rolls. Another simple meal that is tasty and warms your insides!

I should note that these pics and the ones that might follow are of Matt's plate, in his office where he likes to relax with dinner after work. I am usually like "hey take a picture before I set it down!"...So ya that is my arm & Matt's skull plate! :)

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

[Vegan MOFO Day 2] Tea Time - Kusmi Sweet Love

 Last time I was in San Francisco I picked up a few Kusmi teas to try out and explore the brand. Sweet Love is my favorite out of the three I picked up. It is spicy and bold, very much like a chai spiced tea and like being in love it warms you up and gets you going! It is so flavorful I even drink it strait up, no sweetener or non-dairy milk  (I prefer tea strait up in the morning to get me going). The tea is bold and really flavorful, you can see the spice pods whole in the mix. I am not a fan of super ground up spices and leaves - I often think that this leads to a crappy cup of tea.
I have been trying to hang on to my little tin as long as I can. I think I have two more scoops for my tea diffuser till I am out. No fear - there are more Kusmi blends I feel that I need to try!

Monday, October 1, 2012

[Vegan MOFO Day 1] Weekend Roundup - Coffee Day - East Bay

Friday night started off right with Matt buying me a bag of those new coconut chips from Trader Joe's - love them, so good in soy/coconut yogurt...Plus Friday night is always nacho night here!

Saturday was coffee day ( A StarBucks barista told me that SB invented the "holiday"!)- after heading down town and finding the independent places closed I went to my go to StarBucks. I like my coffee with a splash of non-dairy milk and a tad bit of sweetener! Matt said that hot coffee was not good when it was 95 degrees but we were in the air conditioned mall and I was craving it...I get coffee cravings! Oh - and for the record I usually (98%) use my reusable cup - only when I am having a random coffee fix I do not have it on me.
Now for a coffee rant - well a StarBucks rant - I do not like them taking away the soy option for gold card members...All my drinks are custom - either with soy or syrup. I wish SB would put out a soy carafe for those just needing a splash...Pete's & Whole Foods both let you do it! Whole Foods even has almond milk!

Sunday we got up early and headed to Oakland to see Matt's short film in a film festival! I do not think it ever gets old seeing a project that you saw behind the scenes in it's bare state up on a screen. I am very proud of Matt - he even shared some words of wisdom! After he talked we headed out to find some food - we were starving!
We headed to Nature's Express in Berkley. It was pretty crowded - we are used to quite Sundays in town...The food was worth it though!

I ordered the Avo-Kale wrap. I added some sriracha to it (I love creamy avocado with spicy sriracha!) and it was so good. Also it is a really good sized wrap - considering it costs $6.50 - it is a good deal.

Matt got the classic reuben with sweet potato fries (I stole a few!). His sandwich was yummy - we sampled each others food and liked both items.

We then went to Whole Foods in Berkeley - I did not like how cramped it was, or the layout, maybe I am a store snob but I told Matt I wanted to go to the Oakland one...So we went to the Oakland location (more spacious!) and bought everything from local marinated tofu to doughnuts! I have some new products to review in the upcoming week! By then we were tired and needed to head back home...

I had a great weekend and hope you did too!