Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hit Replay

Do you ever get stuck on certain songs and you can listen to them 20 times in a row? I can't be the only who gets into a song groove and cannot break free. These are the two songs I have played over 15 times each in the last 48 hours!

I take one one one cause you left me and ......

Don't touch me I'm a real live wire...

What songs can't you shake right now?

Friday, February 24, 2012

Black Eyeliner Love

My wardrobe is still at least 97% black, I like skull accessories, have a thing for mopey music and can't live without black eyeliner - I just use it on my lids now & not as lip liner! Ohh my inner goth teen is still coming out to play!

Urban Decay released a new 24/7 eyeliner in the blackest of blacks called Perversion. Once I saw it online I ran out to buy it! I am a fan of their 24/7 pencil in Zero and did not think a pencil liner could get much darker - I was wrong.

Perversion on top, Zero Below

The picture is of my fast comparison of the two colors. As you can tell Perversion is more dark and it appears thicker. It is also a lot harder to get off. This is one inky eyeliner. I really like it - it is long wearing and super black! If you love Zero pick up perversion - especially if you like clean crisp cat eyeliner. It looks almost liquid without all of the fuss!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Spring Time?

It is in the 70s today! Birds are chirpin' (and eating tons of food: I reload the feeder 1 - 2 times a day!), Mar wants to play on the grass and flowers are blooming!

We have daffodils blooming in the backyard! I know these are toxic to cats but Mar has no interest in flowers and he is monitored whenever he is outside.

The last few days we have enjoyed the front yard. Mar even got to check out two little dogs both smaller than him! I got to wipe him down with baby wipes today (he was grumpy for a few minutes), his skin allergies seem to be doing well since he got a shot. I am still on the lookout for cat wipes that are good for skin allergies that are not full of nasty chemicals. Any recommendations?

Friday, February 17, 2012

Paw Print Nails

This was done pretty fast yesterday. Something fun and easy to take my mind off going to the doctors (I hate going to the doctors!). I used Zoya - Mitzi (a matte neon yellow green) sponged on in 3 light layers with a non-latex cosmetic sponge at the tip. Then I pulled out a wooden chopstick and used the larger side to create the base of the paw and the smaller end to create the lil paw dots using Man Glaze - Cabron (a carbon matte dark purple). I topped everything off with a top coat and was good to go!

Thank you Catsparella, Mr. Puddy and of course my Mar-Mar panda bear for the inspiration! BTW going to the doctor sucked - sometimes I ask myself why bother?

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Nap Time


I really like taking naps. Even from an early age I was fond of nap time. In preschool we would go to a dark open room and lay on a vinyl mat and sleep, I had no problem with it. I believe my nap time love comes from nap time genes. My mom is a napper, if she is home and it is the middle of the day chances are she is napping. My dad naps too but I feel my mom is more serious about it.
Matt is not a napper. When he calls from work and I am in the middle of dream time I feel guilty. So I try to answer the phone as if I was awake. Well, Matt is good at telling when I have been asleep.
These days of sunshine and wind have made me super sleepy. I pick up my Kindle Fire, have Mar join me for a few chapters and we both crash. When you have a 19 pound kitty that snores in bed with you it just makes nap time more awesome!

Do you enjoy taking naps?

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Mar has two ways of saying happy Valentine's day! First with a heart cut out - acting shy. Second his heart shaped tail. We hope your day is lovely! XOXO

Friday, February 10, 2012

Getting Dotty With It

I keep getting wooden chopsticks with takeout. I wanted to use them for something and decided to try using one as a dotting tool. It works! Simple nails on a sunny day!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sacramento's Veg Fest 2/2012

On Saturday Matt and I went made our way up to Sacramento to do some shopping, eating and to attend Veg Fest. This was sorta last minute for us, just knowing about a week in advanced that it was happening we wanted to go support our friends and support the veg community.

This is our second time at Veg Fest. Last time we ate before hand and did not get to sample food because we were stuffed. This time we went hungry. Big mistake - food was scarce. With a growling stomach and people crammed in waiting in line we made our way around. My opinion might be clouded with PMS hungry grumpiness but after talking to Matt (who does not turn into a monster when he is hungry or need chocolate really bad one week out of the month) we agree on some of the same points. I know Veg Fest is supposed to be positive and really I am all for bringing the veg community together but I want to get a few things off my chest.

Speaking of community: Why is a big chunk of the veg community missing from this event? There are vegan and super vegan friendly restaurants totally missing from this event. We ate at Loving Hut in Elk Grove on our way home and they did not even know Veg Fest was going on and would have participated if they knew (in the past Loving Hut has had a booth with food). I heard rumblings of people causing drama prior to the event but was this the real cause of the lack of booths this time around?

I am not the health department but: When serving food there needs to be rules set into place like gloves, hair being tied back or hair nets and things being covered. I got to sample food and someone's hair! Yum right? Seriously I found hair in food which just soured my mood more. I saw people handling food without gloves, food just sitting out in the wide open and more health violations...

Speaking of food safety: Label your food, label your booth, labels are important! I heard people who thought vegan food was being served to only find out there was dairy in it. I know it is our responsibility as vegans to ask what is in food but I think a lot of problems come when things are not labeled. We saw a huge line for food - the table had no info, no banner or anything of course we skipped them. I know veg fest was a vegan friendly not 100% vegan event - cool by me but labels and people working these booths that have knowledge is important.

Veganisim is not a means to get into a size 0 for many of us: To hear a loud women screaming from a booth that 'going vegan will make you skinny' just made us both roll our eyes. This seemed to be the vibe of the fest. There was no animal support unless you count the vegan dog food company in the corner. Within an hour or so (in all directions) of the event we have 3 animal sanctuaries that could have raised awareness for animals in need. Two take in farm animals and one takes in animals and have veg (vegan friendly) events.

OK let me get off my cruelty free soap box now. Again I am not trying to cause drama but bring up some concerns. Anything veg is positive but to really shed light on the topic we need to present a united force and iron out as many flaws as possible.

Friday, February 3, 2012

A Cup Of Happiness

I have been feeling rather blah lately. I have been really tired, lacking inspiration and just shy of feeling like a zombie. It is not depression or anxiety - stuff I battle daily just a case of the blahs. I went to the store looking for some pick me ups.

I first bought I Am Happy liquid supplement via Vegan Essentials. I then found the line locally. I tried one this week when I was feeling stressed out and my anxiety over time and a clean kitchen was making my inner peace feel like a war zone. I downed the shot and did feel calmer about 30 minutes later. It contains L-Theanine (which I already take) and GABA to help beat the stress out of you. Each little bottle is 5 calories and contains stevia. I am not a fan of the taste - somewhat artificial and medical (like a less tasty Emergen-C packet) and the price about $4 a pop however it really helps. I am buying a few to keep around for those days when I feel stressed.

I was at Cost Plus looking at tea and found Republic of Teas "Get Happy Tea" . It is a caffeine free red tea that contains St. John's Wort. It has a mild peach flavor that is very aromatic. I have been drinking it day and night and it is soothing. At Cost Plus it was about $11 for the 32 tea bag canister.

I hope to feel less crappy soon and finish some projects I am working on. I hate having ideas and no motivation to do anything about them!