Friday, April 30, 2010

A little intro!

So it begins...So hi and thank you for taking the time to check out my little blog. My name is Kendy however many people have gotten to know me as MissMuffcake over the years - I am fine with both names. I am a 30 year old chick who lives in Modesto, CA (central valley) with my boyfriend Matthew who is a independent film maker and the most awesomely - awesome cat named Mar which is short for Marilyn Manson.

I am someone of dreams and big hopes that does not involve getting out of this town. In fact I want to make this town better by bringing in new ideas and doing my own thing. For one thing we have a lack of vegan options that bigger cities take for granted - namely we have no Whole Foods, but I make do. Also there is not much of a art/crafting community that embraces everyone. I seek out individuals who are into vegan food and embroidery and talk their ear off! Seriously I am into what makes me happy and sharing that happiness. From vegan cream cheeze frosting to hair bows with skulls on them I like doing what I do and sharing in the process.

So with that premise I say welcome and please come back for updates, craft projects, vegan food, fluffy cat pictures and stories from someone who is trying to keep it real.