Thursday, March 29, 2012

Zevia Strawberry

I do not know how long Zevia has had a Strawberry flavor, I had never seen it around. Then I found it last weekend at the store and jumped for joy! I love this - it is my new fave flavor (sorry grape). It has that 80s soda taste that I liked as a kid! Mmmmm fruity!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Weekend Rush

Last week was just a blur of events that just lead us to filming for Matt's project in Oakland. It involved a lot of last minute prep and a long rainy cold day in Oakland.

I got to make guts for the movie! Matt did the shaping of the guts and I painted them. The pile of guts (2 blobs and 2 entrails) cost about 75 cents each to make. They are on the fragile side but look so much better than the 'deli guts' you see in the meat packaging around Halloween. We went of a tutorial online - simplified a few steps and it was fun. I will make a tutorial soon if Matt does not blog about it!

The day before the Oakland shoot we got to watch The Hunger Games - we chose an odd time and the theater was not so busy! I think the movie was good - I enjoyed it. Sure I had a few mini gripes - not enough violence (I am not a "gore whore" but the brutality of the games was missing)...and the part in the book that made me cry was missing (hint: a special parachute delivery for Katniss)...If you are a fan of the book you will dig the movie!

On Saturday in Oakland I was freezing cold during the shoot - it was nonstop rain! We had Hella Vegan Eats cater the set - the food was picked through by the time we got to the line so no pictures. The best thing in our opinion was the ceviche - with mushrooms - we do not even like mushrooms but it was so good!

Next Saturday is another shoot day and after that hopefully things will get back to normal!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Hooked - Hunger Games

I have been super busy lately. Between helping Matt prep for his film project, crafting, working on my new zine and doing day to day stuff I am surprised I find time to read. I picked up The Hunger Games not thinking I would dig it - boy was I wrong!
From day one I was hooked. I was even dreaming about being thrown into the arena! I just started book 2 and you bet I am carving out some reading time. I want to watch the movie this weekend but will pass - we are so busy I feel as though sitting down for a few hours would be wasteful and the theaters will be packed - I cannot enjoy a movie when the theater is loud. I will see it hopefully next week and until then I will be working on a mocking jay cross stitch pattern and be sportin' Hunger Games inspired nails!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Cross Stitch Projects

I finished my first cross stitch! I kinda free formed this one. Simple names and images.

This is for an ATC I did - "V is for". So it is ATC sized and I used fabric glue to attach it to card stock. V is for: vegan, veggies and a veggie burger!

I am working on some embroidery right now and want to pick up a new cross stitch pattern soon! The rain is keeping me inside and cold but productive with the thread and needle!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Happy 15th Birthday To Mar

Mar turned 15 today! So I wanted to share some random spring time like pictures and video I took over the last few days. The weather has been so pretty ( windy at times) and Mar is enjoying it! He is also enjoying his birthday gifts, supervised out door time and later will enjoy a special meal!

Mar was in the backyard enjoying the weather right next to me as I was reading a book. He is like 'put down the book mom and pet me!'....

In the front yard on the bricks. He likes walking on the bricks and right there is his spot. He can see the cats across the street and spy on them!

A Mar ATC I made and sent off to the UK this week so someone can get to know my best fur friend!

Mar loves scratching the tree in our front yard. He stretches on it and I can tell it feels so good!

Happy birthday Mar! We love you! I am so happy that you are here with me after being through so much. Each day I am thankful that you are in our life!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Oakland Eats

We went up to Oakland for the day on Saturday. Matt is shooting a movie there so we went to location scout and eat! We made it in time for brunch at Pepples Doughnuts (the doughnut farm)!

I was a bit shaky after our bridge adventure heading into SF (the GPS did not navigate us well) but after the warm greeting we got down to business. I went for the tofu scramble and Matt ordered the mole burrito.

The scramble was light, fluffy and yummy. I got Dave's Killer Bread toast and ordered a Hodo Soy 'sausage' patty which was not really sausage like but more like a fried egg (no pics sorry - to busy eating) - soooooo good! There was even a big ol' bottle of Sriracha on the table for my hash browns!

Matt really dug his burrito! He said the refried beans were really tasty! He ordered it was spicy sausage but it came out as a side - which worked out better since it would probably overwhelm the delicate flavors going on. Matt even bought a box of doughnuts to go!

We location scouted, enjoyed the weather, zine shopped and had a green juice at Cafe Crush (which we discovered last time). The weather was perfect and when we got home we got to eat doughnuts!

I can't wait to go back!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

A Dying Art?

I have my goals set for the next two months in my goal book (in an effort to improve myself & get things done!) and for March one of my goals is to learn how to cross stitch. I bought a cheap-o kit over the weekend and sat down with it yesterday and took advantage of the leap year to get an early start. The pattern was not my thing, the kit was cheaply made and the instructions really poor. I decided to find some videos online and get started.

I ran out of floss pretty early on so when Matt got off work he took me to Michael's to buy some supplies. Well, over the last few months their section for needle arts has really dwindled. I had to buy a assortment pack of floss that was marketed towards kids wanting to make friendship bracelets since they did not have black or red in the DMC singles. I got up to the register and told the cashier that the floss section was dismal and she said they are getting rid of that section - that "it's a dying art"...

I was bummed and told her how needle art is really cool - I don't think she believed me. Do people who work at big chain craft stores even craft? I know when I worked at a chain bookstore many years ago I was the only one who read books! I am glad I have other craft stores to choose from and once my cross stitch project is done I will cross it off my list and post it!

Think needle art is lame? Think again! Here is some inspiration to start stitching!

Amy Winehouse by Totally Severe - I dig on the hair detail! I love the playful birds nest 'do!

Cat humor! There is even a chart for this one!

Sublime Stitching is a go to for so much inspiration and a valuable pattern source. Also there are tips and free patterns on the blog!

KittyKill - was the person I looked to when I fist started. She just has a way about finding the best vintage patterns and she is all around crafty-awesome!