Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Happy 15th Birthday To Mar

Mar turned 15 today! So I wanted to share some random spring time like pictures and video I took over the last few days. The weather has been so pretty ( windy at times) and Mar is enjoying it! He is also enjoying his birthday gifts, supervised out door time and later will enjoy a special meal!

Mar was in the backyard enjoying the weather right next to me as I was reading a book. He is like 'put down the book mom and pet me!'....

In the front yard on the bricks. He likes walking on the bricks and right there is his spot. He can see the cats across the street and spy on them!

A Mar ATC I made and sent off to the UK this week so someone can get to know my best fur friend!

Mar loves scratching the tree in our front yard. He stretches on it and I can tell it feels so good!

Happy birthday Mar! We love you! I am so happy that you are here with me after being through so much. Each day I am thankful that you are in our life!


  1. Happy Birthday Mar!! I love the video of him scratching- so much cuteness!

  2. Happy Birthday Mar and Welcome to the Tuxedo Gang! I will do an introduction post for Mar next Tuesday!!
    Samantha & The Tuxie Gang

    PS: Thanks for leaving a comment!! I couldn't you website after I had put you in!