Tuesday, July 15, 2014

BJ's Vegan Friendly Pizza & Drinks

In town my vegan dining out options are limited. Sure I have plenty of options  to choose from at grocery stores to cook my own meals but sometimes you just want to go out, sit down and not worry about cooking timers and clean up. 

Recently Matt and I have been going to BJ's for pizza and drinks. If you order the deep dish vegetarian pizza minus cheese you have a tasty vegan option. Make it clear you want them to make your pizza separate so no cross contamination will happen.  Ask for extra sauce on the pizza & the side - it makes things tasty and if you like heat go for added jalapenos like we did this time around! The crust is really tasty: light and 'buttery' perfect thick crust consistency. It has to be one of my fave pizza crusts! It is the type of crust you can eat on it's own with sauce on the side - childhood memories of toast and marinara sauce come to mind.

If you do go for a drink Matt likes the Oasis beer and I go for a Skinnyrita with agave and fresh squeezed citrus. Barnivore says all draft beers are vegan - just stay away from the cask aged offered at certain locations.

So next time you are in a town with little in the way of vegan dining out options see if a BJ's in nearby. Have a pizza and a drink and be happy you can save that granola bar in your bag for another emergency situation.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Two New Zines Hot Off The Presses!

I added 2 new zines to my Etsy shop this weekend. Hello Kitties and the latest installment of The Stay At Home Girlfriend! Please go check them out and buy a zine or two!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

How I Celebrated Turning 35 & Vegan Pizza Day

On Saturday June 28th I turned 35! We headed over to the bay area for fun and food. I had all my plans made and due to traffic, bad timing, a bad Uber ride my plans turned into something else but all is good, I still had good food and celebrated right! 

I treated myself to a birthday tattoo! A super cute bottle of Sriracha by Sarah at Royalty Tattoo Collective  in Burlingame, CA. The BART ride out there from Berkeley was long but it was worth it for this super cute tattoo!

Speaking of cute I got to celebrate my birthday on Vegan Pizza Day! Matt got me a cute Hello Kitty pizza plush! One is never too old for Hello Kitty!

Our original plans of eating pizza at a different location fell through as well as other plans. However I had a coupon kicking around for Pizza Moda  and we like the atmosphere and the food is good so we headed there. We got the Smiling Cow + Calabrian chilies, a vegan Caesar salad (I am sad not to see the kale one on the menu now!) and a piece of the vegan fudge-y chocolate cake to split. We were stuffed and our bellies were happy!

Friday, June 27, 2014

The Vegan 10 Zine

I have a new zine in my shop. Please go check out The Vegan 10  a zine that contains 10 recipes using 10 ingredients or less. Recipes for things like empanadas, soup, truffles and more that will not break the bank!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Summer Picnic

First day of summer we  went to the farmer's market, made a 'hand fruit salad' by stuffing as many fruit samples as we could into our hands & munching, bought some produce and a lentil bolani then hit up the AMPM around the corner for other snacks for a picnic in our front yard. I pulled the skeleton blanket from the dryer I washed the night before to protect our delicate skin from the itch grass. The weather was nice, we had plenty of shade in our front yard and I hope we can do it again on another lazy Saturday morning.....

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Save The Drama & Pet A Llama

I had a Green Acres moment last weekend. We headed out to the country so Matt could help on the set of his brother's movie. Since we went there a month or so ago I knew there would be llamas on the route we took. I told Matt that we better stop this time - or else!!! We did and look at these super cute furry pals!!!!
I did not get to pet any - sad I know! However just seeing them made me smile. Plus the goat across the street was all attention whore-y and let me pet him till he started nibbling my hand...

Monday, June 9, 2014

My Current Go To Snacks - Vegan, Paleo, Protein & Tasty

These Earth Balance Cheddar Squares (aka vegan cheeze-itz) are amazing! I have not has the original in like 20 years but from what I remember these are spot on and delicious! I like getting a bowl of peanut butter and some of the crackers and mixing them together! Matt approves of these crackers too! I am holding onto our last box till we can get over to a Whole Foods Again.

I like to eat snacks grouped together for lunch since I tend to eat a bigger dinner. I get into a snacking rut...So I was looking for new snacks and came upon Graze.com. So far I have gotten 2 boxes and they had some stand out products. On Saturday Matt and I dug into the box that came that day and really liked the Tropical Sundae fruit mix, so much so we went out to search for more dried mango to munch on. Side note: have you ever noticed how much crap they put into dried fruit nowadays, finding simple dried fruit is hard!
You can customize your box selection to get only vegan items (go through after trashing non-vegan stuff to make sure there is no honey, I believe I found one honey product in the mix) and trash any products that you are allergic to our simple would not like. Use this code to get your fist box free: KENDYP89P.

I picked up this cookie while in Sacramento because I had not had anything directly marketed as paleo for vegans yet. I am not a fan of fad diets but I do tend to go for high protein and low/no sugar picks. I liked this cookie so much so that I have been trying to make my own version at home. Matt said it was to dry - whatever Matt! So far I have made a tasty batch of cookies that were not so pretty! I will keep trying though!