Thursday, January 22, 2015

Bowls Of Vegan Warmth & Cheeze

Gloomy cold weather has me wanting things like stew, chili and soup lately.

Yummy chili with Beyond Meat, corn, kidney beans and some soy sour cream!

Another Beyond Meat creation. A rich hearty soup with kale, garbanzo beans and tomatoes.The bread is toasted and topped with melty Chao Creamy Original cheese - yummy!

I just released issue #14 of my zine The Stay At Home Girlfriend, however these recipes will be in issue #15 for sure!

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Headless In Old City Cemetery - Sacramento, CA

This is a photo I took last weekend at Old City Cemetery (Sacramento, CA). This is the second time Matt and I have been here. This time we entered at the newer cemetery section and crossed over starting from the back. I spotted the above image pretty quickly, it is so awesome, a true cemetery find in uniqueness.

And because I always have to snap a photo of myself in each cemetery I go to here I am surrounded by some old stones.

This cemetery is really nice. It is spacious and very nicely maintained. When we were there a handful of groundskeepers were on site keeping things clean. In the summer you can see animals frolic around and fruit on trees. Check out the site for tours and other info.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

El Papagayo - Best Vegan Mexican Food!

I have labeled myself a vegan Mexican food snob and have taken Matt along on the ride. We grew up within miles of each other, had the same taco truck experiences and remember certain foods. We want those memories in our mouth just veganized with love!
When we talk to others about vegan Mexican food and we ask them what their fave place is and a certain northern CA location often comes up. At this point Matt and I look at each other and inwardly roll our eyes. People - El Papagayo is where it's at - you need to eat here in order to taste authentically awesome tasty Mexican food!

We plan our day around going to El Papagayo. Lately going up to Sacramento just to consume delicious food is why we are up there.

I always start off with a strawberry margarita, Matt gets a Tecate and I usually steal a sip or two. To go with our drinks we grab loads of chips and salsa from the chip station. My fave salsa is the tropical one with fruity bits and cilantro.

I have been getting the taco salad. It is a large flour tortillia that has been fried then stuffed with beans, rice, veggies, vegan cheeze and your choice of add in, my first go around was nopales.

Last time I had half tofu and half ranchero mushrooms (this is the only place I like mushrooms at!). The salad is so huge that I may need to rethink my eating game plan, almost passing out in a food coma is no fun!

There are so many vegan options that you will have a hard time choosing what to order. Everything from the tacos to the enchiladas have been legit! They even make a really tasty horchata that you must get to go!  The family that owns and runs this place is really top notch in services, kindness and cooking skills. The prices are really good, much food to money payoff! Make it a point to check out this place or I will roll my eyes at you next time we talk Mexican food!

Address: 5804 Marconi Ave Carmichael, CA 95608

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Soy Curl & Chickpea Stew

Lately this has to be my go to comfort food meal. A big plate of Soy Curl + chickpea stew simmered with Mexican spices and served with red rice on the side.  The recipe is a modified version of the one on Low Fat Vegan and my version will be in my next zine.
The cold weather has made me feel sluggish, tired and not want to do much besides curl up in bed and read. I need a tropical climate to survive! At least with warm stews and lots of tea and coffee I am motivated to get out of bed and get things done! How are you staying warm? Any recipes warming you from the inside out?

Monday, December 29, 2014

Post Holiday Stuff

We had a really good holiday long weekend. Now we need to catch up with stuff and chill! Mady has the right idea (thanks Matt for getting her to sit still for a picture)! Speaking of Mady as you can see she is doing well, getting big and being a brat! We are looking forward to 2015 and all the projects we are dreaming up!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Granola Goodness

About a week ago I started on a granola making spree. Everyone seems to enjoy my small batch granola or as I call it 'friendship granola', because I give it to friends. I figure it would make tasty treats for friends and those I see daily for the holidays. So far I have made a coconut, almond slivers, cacao nibs and, ginger version. Then I did a super nutty version with two types of almonds, cashews pecans and some cranberries thrown in. In the oven right now I have a batch with almond and cranberries toasting.
I made Matt a power breakfast of coconut yogurt topped with sliced bananas, granola and drizzled with chocolate syrup over the weekend. I like mine sprinkled on peanut butter or coconut milk ice cream. I even like munching on it strait from the bag. There is no wrong way to eat the crunchy goodness! 

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

EBABZ 2014 - New Zine

I tabled at EBABZ on Saturday. I was so happy to be there! My mood has been dark and rather gloomy due to anxiety but I was happy to be going and I put all of my fears aside to think of happy rainbows and meeting new people.
We started on the wrong foot, the alarm clock did not go off but Mady woke us up in time though. I scarfed down a bowl of cereal, took a shower smeared on some black eyeliner and off we went. Traffic was good, we got there when the doors were opening to the public, jumped out with my stuff and let Matt find parking. I set up my zines and met my table mate and proceeded to engage in as much zine talk, trading and putting myself out there as I could for the next seven hours.
Thanks to Matt and not thanks to not getting an extra chair Matt and I switched off table duty. Me heading to the farmer's market to get Flacos's, tofu sushi and coffee to try and wake myself up early on and him later on getting me an almond milk late to kick start my heart mid fest. We also took turns walking around both levels, buying zines, buying art, trading, seeing friends and making new ones.
By the end of the event I only had two zines left, a bag full of zines to read and a happy feeling that stretched through to every cell in my body.

After the zine fest I needed more coffee so we walked around. I grabbed another almond milk late, a vegan cookie to share with Matt and encountered some of the biggest fluffiest cats I have seen around town. In turn for good cat energy I bought them some treats and their human companion a smoothie. We made our way to Fantastic Comics and made our purchases just as protestors, cops and the helicopters were coming our way. I am all for protesting but getting caught up in a crowed with violence is not my thing. We went to Telegraph and found that a handful of the stores were closed because of protestors, bought some music/movies and went to go grab some food.We made our way back through Berkeley to Oakland's Whole Foods, bought food and shared some sweet confection from the bakery on our trip home.

I am still recovering! I have so many new zines to read, people to find and I need to catch up on some sleep. I am making my way to the printers this week to restock my zine supplies. I do have issue #13 of The Stay At Home Girlfriend out now, just listed. It made it's debut at EBABZ and sold out fast. I also want to give a zine shout out to No Means Yes, Right? A Street Harassment Guide - I have a small piece on my mean face in this issue!