Monday, February 29, 2016

Blossom Vegan Pleasanton, CA

Matt and I both like Blossom Vegan and if we are in the area stop in for lunch or dinner. The menu is similar to Loving Hut's chain menu. However the food is good and there is no cult-like stuff sitting around or on TV. The location is small and in a strip mall type sitting. In the parking lot there is a Trader Joe's so you can pick some groceries up after you dine. The parking lot is cramped and busy - day or night. We went for dinner recently and the restaurant was busy but we were seated within 10 minutes and after placing our order had food in front of our face fast. Here is a journey in some of the dishes we have enjoyed on multiple locations.

Golden Rolls - crunchy bite delights.

For lunch Matt usually gets the pho - I eat all the jalapenos that it comes with!

For lunch I usually get the Yum Yum Vermicelli - it is like soup and salad in one!

I recently tried the Eggplant Curry - a very warming feel good dish.

Matt tried the Soy Protein Perfection - and we both will be ordering that again soon!

Sipping on a Young Coconut drink or Thai Iced Tea with your meal hits the spot.

Blossom Vegan is 100% Vegan and they do not use MSG. They are open everyday except Tuesday. For hours and address please visit their site.

Monday, February 22, 2016

National Cat Day

Today people in Japan are celebrating National Cat Day. Everyday we celebrate cats in our house!

I got a shot of Mady and Mortis in the garage over the weekend. I do not know why they like that dusty spot. They have a perfect space in the living room complete with cushions and a window view but nooooo - they want dust! Even when they bring in dust I love these two with all of my heart! Celebrate your cats everyday!

Monday, February 15, 2016

Taqueria La Venganza - Taco Trio Time

I have stated in the past that Matt and I both grew up eating taco truck and taqueria tacos-food. Living in Northern California - especially the valley taco trucks are a staple. So when we think of Mexican food the idea usually comes back to simple tacos made with fresh ingredients served with limes. Do not get me wrong - I can chow down on some fancy or tricked out Mexican food but I am pretty harsh. Matt is too!

Matt ordered tacos, I was in a bad mood and was like 'I am not going to eat'. Matt went on and on about how good the tacos were and after leaving we went back and he bought me a plate. I took a photo too but mine was not as pretty as Matt's. Matt even picked up a bonus taco.

So this little stand is on the Harrison usually on either corner of 15th street. Everything is vegan. The menus and locations change so follow them via Facebook.  An hour in and food started selling out. So we went with tacos: carne asada, el pastor and carnitas. 3 tacos for $9 - decent price (especially by bay area vegan standards). Matt picked the asada as his fave, mine the carnitas. All the tacos were really good though. The grill taste was perfect and they were not greedy with the limes. It was legit taco truck food. We already want to go back. We hope this place grows, maybe get a truck or a small location and next time we want a torta!

*Tip: we realized afterwards there was a liqueur store across the street. We could have popped in for a Tecate or Mexican Coke - again next time.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

A Piece Of My Heart - Valentine's Gifts For The Dark Hearted

Here are some Love - Day picks that break the heart shaped mold. I personally love Valentine's Day - the colors are heavy with reds, there is a lot of chocolate and lots of hearts!!! I am not a sickly sweet person so I wanted to create a gift guide for those in the same pirate ship as me. Enjoy!

Not every girl wants a teddy bear. If teddy bears just do not work for you or your partner in crime get them a plush bug instead. I have one, I love it!

Pass on flowers - chances are one (if not both) of you have allergies. Get this book on deadly plant material instead. Cool facts, illustrations and a neat cover round out a solid book that will make the gas station bouquet that you planned on picking up look crappy (not that it would be hard).

A box of chocolates for around $100 sounds pretty awesome. It is not pretty awesome if you have PMS and eat the whole box in one go. Plusssss $100 can buy a lot of tacos (or a few plush tacos), or cheap beer a plenty, a case of cookie butter, or bags of salty potato chips. I say go with tacos and a few yummy vegan chocolates on the side. Some of my fave chocolates lately are: Righteously Raw Caramel Mouthfuls, Auntie Dolores CBD Vegan Brownie Bites (if you have your Medical Marijuana card) and the old standby Justin's Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups.

Adult toys - don't pretend you are not curious! I worked in an adult shop, I know everyone has curiosities. The Lovehoney Death By Orgasm Scorpion Bullet will take your curiosity to another level! It even comes housed in a coffin shaped box!

Perfume is another go to Valentine's gift. I have a few favorite scents and switch them up weekly. Among them is Tattooed Geek's Sweet Tooth. I mentioned my love for this company before and this is another stand out product. It is sweet like cotton candy dreams  but does not smell like sickly sweet candy barf. It leaves you smelling like a candy shop all day. When I feel in a  floral mood I reach for Herban Cowboy Perfume in Love. Matt bought this for me for my last birthday. I even have the lotion. It is floral but not stuffy and also very light and clean. Both picks are budget price - so you can still go out to dinner (or buy ingredients for your fave meal) after buying one or both!

Friday, February 5, 2016

Just A Few Zine Reviews - Dark Dreams Edition

Here are a few zine reviews. They all have what might consider a dark theme. I guess to me it is just an everyday theme. I hope you pick up some new zines and get to readin'! If you have any zine recommendations that I should check out please let me know!

I bought a few zines from Pioneers Press recently - in the mix are the two below:

Spell Skulls And Their Uses: A pocket sized mini zine complete with a tiny skull. Use this skull for a variety of reasons. There is even instructions on how to make your own that make even newbies to clay work (like myself) not scared!

Major Arcana Of The Punk Rock Tarot: I do not have this deck but wanted to check out the thought process behind it. Plus I like seeing people's different views on cards. There is art work for every card mentioned. Fun for people into punk and tarot!

Eternal Nap: A new zine on one of my fave things to talk about: cemeteries! Plus I am in it so ya - go pick up a copy. There are nice photos, a cute cover, and some history on stones. The only fault I would say is the recipe included. It was just taken from a book, a few things crossed out to make it vegan and no credit to where it came from. 

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Newest Zine: Hello My Name Is

I just released my newest zine titled: Hello My name Is on Etsy yesterday. Inside the pages you will find personal stories that deal what it is like living with a mental illness and how each person is different. I tried to get people who submitted to keep it light and positive. They did. This zine is radical mental health at it's finest.  I am really proud of these 16 pages and the people that shared their personal and inspiring stories.