Wednesday, February 10, 2016

A Piece Of My Heart - Valentine's Gifts For The Dark Hearted

Here are some Love - Day picks that break the heart shaped mold. I personally love Valentine's Day - the colors are heavy with reds, there is a lot of chocolate and lots of hearts!!! I am not a sickly sweet person so I wanted to create a gift guide for those in the same pirate ship as me. Enjoy!

Not every girl wants a teddy bear. If teddy bears just do not work for you or your partner in crime get them a plush bug instead. I have one, I love it!

Pass on flowers - chances are one (if not both) of you have allergies. Get this book on deadly plant material instead. Cool facts, illustrations and a neat cover round out a solid book that will make the gas station bouquet that you planned on picking up look crappy (not that it would be hard).

A box of chocolates for around $100 sounds pretty awesome. It is not pretty awesome if you have PMS and eat the whole box in one go. Plusssss $100 can buy a lot of tacos (or a few plush tacos), or cheap beer a plenty, a case of cookie butter, or bags of salty potato chips. I say go with tacos and a few yummy vegan chocolates on the side. Some of my fave chocolates lately are: Righteously Raw Caramel Mouthfuls, Auntie Dolores CBD Vegan Brownie Bites (if you have your Medical Marijuana card) and the old standby Justin's Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups.

Adult toys - don't pretend you are not curious! I worked in an adult shop, I know everyone has curiosities. The Lovehoney Death By Orgasm Scorpion Bullet will take your curiosity to another level! It even comes housed in a coffin shaped box!

Perfume is another go to Valentine's gift. I have a few favorite scents and switch them up weekly. Among them is Tattooed Geek's Sweet Tooth. I mentioned my love for this company before and this is another stand out product. It is sweet like cotton candy dreams  but does not smell like sickly sweet candy barf. It leaves you smelling like a candy shop all day. When I feel in a  floral mood I reach for Herban Cowboy Perfume in Love. Matt bought this for me for my last birthday. I even have the lotion. It is floral but not stuffy and also very light and clean. Both picks are budget price - so you can still go out to dinner (or buy ingredients for your fave meal) after buying one or both!


  1. Wow! That Love Honey Scorpion Bullet is incredible looking! I like your V-day suggestions xo