Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Today #9 and TSAHG #39

I have two new zines for sell! I pushed myself to finish TSAHG #39 for ZineWriMo...I worked on it for about 11 months....Today #9 is a bonus since I spent so much time in cemeteris while Matt shot his latest music video

TSAHG is now $5 or $6 int an issue - due to higher printing and shipping costs. It is still 28 pages full of cats, vegan recipes, uses for vinegar, book recommendations, East Bay book stores, coffee love, and, life stuff. 

Today #9 is $4 or $5 int. 2-sided mini fold-out, both sides in color. This issue takes place in St. Mary's Cemetery In Oakland, CA 

Both zines include shipping!

Please send payment to me via PayPal - please include your shipping address. Thank you!