Thursday, October 27, 2016

[13 Days of Halloween] Day 5 - Cruelty Free & Creepy Cosmetics

 photo 20161021_1621452_zpsbvklzotv.jpg

It is so cool to find makeup nowadays that is not only unusual with their color choices but also cruelty free and vegan. A decade ago it was harder to find cool cosmetics that satisfied my dark side as well as lived up to my cruelty free checklist. Here are a few of my fave companies and product picks that keep me looking drop dead spooky!

Makeup Monster's Cosmetics: I love their liquid lipsticks. They make some lovely gray shades such as Wolfsbane - a fave of mine. 100% vegan line.

My Pretty Zombie Cosmetics: I heard of MPZ before checking out their booth at Sinister Creature Con but had brought anything. They have some pretty shade shifting colors and wear nicely. They get bonus points for helping cats in need through SNAP CATS. Vegan products marked.

Melt Cosmetics: Has really great colors for the eyes and lips. Their stack in Rust is something I use daily. The quality of their products us top notch so do not let the price tag turn you off. Vegan products marked.

Lunatics Cosmetic Labs: Home of the coffin shaped eyeshadow palettes! The Supernatural collection is perfect for daily use. The colors blend nicely. The lipsticks go on sheer and I like layering them over matte colors. 100% vegan.

Medusa's Makeup: Has great long lasting lipsticks that I really like. Their highlighters are really great and I use them pretty much daily. I subscribe to their monthly box and love the full sized products I have gotten. Vegan products marked switching over to 100% vegan.

[13 Days of Halloween] Day 6 - Celebrating With Friends

I am lucky to have friends that love Halloween as much as I do. Even though most of my pals live far away the mail lets us celebrate in hauntingly fun ways!

 photo <\a></p><p><br></p><p><a href=The Spooky Vegan spoiled me once again with a box of goodies in our annual Halloween swap. She sent me an assortment of wonderful stuff including bat stickers, cookies, lip balm, cat toys, buttons and so much more fun stuff! It is like the Pumpkin King came via UPS!

 photo 20161026_1904092_zpstarfliua.jpg

Also I have gotten some great cards from my friends. Card sending and recieving makes my heart warm!

Thanks for being my friend!

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

[13 Days of Halloween] Day 7 - Pumpkin Dandies Review

I finally got my paws on a bag of Pumpkin Dandies Marshmallows over the weekend. I saw them online last year and this year but never found them in store till I was in Whole Foods (Arden - Sacramento) last Saturday. My mistake was I bought one bag - I should have bought more! Hopefully I can get a few more bags because these lil fluffy sweet morsels are divine!

First up I made Matt and I each a cup of cashew milk hot cocoa topped with a fistful of Dandies - yum! It was the perfect end of the day treat. The pumpkin flavor blended well into the dark chocolate coco I served up. it was like having a coffee house treat at home. As I was making the cocoa Mady had to sample them and was purring with happiness.

I made crispy treats yesterday with them. The mini marshmallows melted perfectly (in the past the bigger sizes tended not to melt fast enough unless I cut them down into thirds). The marshmallows made the brown rice cereal I used taste like fall. Perfect! I paired a treat with a cup of tea and I was in heaven!

These are so tasty! They make pumpkin spice special. Dandies vegan marshmallows are the best thing since sliced bread! They have the ability to bring back memories and create new ones!

[13 Days of Halloween] Day 8 - Trick or Treat Yo Self

Treat yourself this Halloween to some of my personal favorite finds. Because you only live once unless your religion dictates otherwise.

I am in desperate need of this Ouija Board pillow! I will be conjuring some money up shortly to buy one!

My favorite prime time zombie is now a Pop Figure! Preorder Olivia Moore from Izombie today! She even is holding a plate of brain-food and hot sauce!

Bring in some good luck with this limited edition black cat pin. Scratch you're it! Creepy Co. has a lot of cool pins so pick up a few more in your cart while your there.

Burn down the house with a Buffalo Bill inspired candle, it smells like lotion - duh!

Maybe a night in is what you need. Get medicated with this Jack O' Lantern glass pipe. The vine detail is pretty cool!

Monday, October 24, 2016

[13 Days of Halloween] Day 9 - Spooky Movie Slam Book

Person I want to trick or treat with: Sam (Trick R Treat)

Person's closet I want to raid: Buffalo Bill (Silence of the Lambs)

People I want to sit with at lunch: Nancy and the girls (The Craft)

Who I want to have help me decorate/craft with: Jack Skelington (Nightmare Before Christmas)

Friend I want to have my back Angela (Sleepaway Camp)

Who I want to collab with in art class Bridget and Ginger: (Gingersnaps)

Sunday, October 23, 2016

[13 Days of Halloween] Day 10 - Sinister Creature Con 2016 Celebs P1

Last weekend I got to go to Sinister Creature Con in Sacramento with the boyfriend. It was my first con and even though I had a lot of anxiety about the crowd,  I was really pumped on going! Matt and I watched/re-watched some of the movies that featured guests that would be there starred in.

Matt has more photos on his blog, I am very shy about approaching people and to get the photos I did were nerve racking.

 photo IMG_20161015_143832_zpskmlnue0x.jpg

First up in Wednesday Mourning  - goth model and TV personality. She was passing out free coloring pages at her table. I did not want to ask her for a photo at first (nerves!) but after chatting with her for a minute I did.

 photo IMG_20161015_202100_zpsx77ozwj3.jpg

We also met Felissa Rose star of 1983's classic Sleepaway Camp. She was the nicest person! We talked to her for the longest time. She was engaging and very friendly. She even offered me some of her Pop Chips!

 photo IMG_20161015_165428_zpscjotcekq.jpg

We left before the costume contest took place but I got to snag a photo with someone dressed as Oogie Boogie!

In the coming days I will post some of my haul and other goodies!

Friday, October 21, 2016

[13 Days of Halloween] Day 11 - Trick or Treat Memories

This week brings up a lot of a lot of emotions for me. It is the anniversary of both my sister's and Mar's passing. I reflect a lot on memories and buy candles to light in their honor and eat foods that remind me of them. I have built altar memorials, donated money and reminded people not to drink and drive to honor their memories as well.
Above is a photo of my sister and I as kids. I am the Care Bear and my sister is a pink kitty. I know my grandma made my costume but I am not sure if she made my sister's. Probably - it was the 80s and both of our costumes had that sewn with love look! We were the first in a line of grand kids for my grandma Shirley so we got special treatment. My sister and I loved trick or treating. My parents took us to neighborhoods they grew up in as well as our own. We got to visit grandparents and cousins and after 'checking' our Halloween candy we got to eat some. To be a kid again!

It has been 3 years since Mar passed and like my sister I miss him and think about him everyday. He was my world and was my best friend. He was pretty chill with costumes as long as we kept it simple. My sister dubbed him 'the closest goth cat that Mickey will have' - Mickey being the pregnant rescue we took in. To tie all of these memories together my sister said Mar was a big cry baby till my grandma Shirley picked him up one night while visiting, and he stopped crying.

I miss my sister, Mar and my grandma but I have some good memories. Memories are kinda like Halloween candy - it feels good to have a heavy haul of them.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

[13 Days of Halloween] Day 12 - Bust Magazine's Horror Movie List

Have you picked up a copy of the latest Bust? If not you better go grab a copy before some snot wad decides to destroy the covers! Besides some spooky beauty picks - many of which are vegan + cruelty free there is a pretty impressive list of horror movies that are perfect for any time of the year but, might get more love right now. When I got the issue Matt and I went through our collection and had a bunch on the list. We then set out to find a few more and see what was streaming and have been on a kick the last few weeks.

I am not going to post the whole list here - I want you to go pick up a copy of Bust! Here is a sampling of the movies - the ones I really like! Are any of these your favorites as well?

Dumplings - 2004

The Craft - 1996

Gingersnaps -  2000

You're Next - 2013

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

[13 Days of Halloween ] Day 13 - New Zine - Halloween Issue

I have a new issue of The Stay At Home Girlfriend out now. I put it together in a few short weeks to get it out in time for Halloween. The idea came to me fast and I acted on it. I decided to do a Halloween countdown and to get things started with my zine. So here is a peek inside the zine - and if you want to buy a copy see the link below. 

Lurking inside these 28 pages you will find much more. If you like what you see and are curious about the other content please pick up a copy today!