Sunday, October 23, 2016

[13 Days of Halloween] Day 10 - Sinister Creature Con 2016 Celebs P1

Last weekend I got to go to Sinister Creature Con in Sacramento with the boyfriend. It was my first con and even though I had a lot of anxiety about the crowd,  I was really pumped on going! Matt and I watched/re-watched some of the movies that featured guests that would be there starred in.

Matt has more photos on his blog, I am very shy about approaching people and to get the photos I did were nerve racking.

 photo IMG_20161015_143832_zpskmlnue0x.jpg

First up in Wednesday Mourning  - goth model and TV personality. She was passing out free coloring pages at her table. I did not want to ask her for a photo at first (nerves!) but after chatting with her for a minute I did.

 photo IMG_20161015_202100_zpsx77ozwj3.jpg

We also met Felissa Rose star of 1983's classic Sleepaway Camp. She was the nicest person! We talked to her for the longest time. She was engaging and very friendly. She even offered me some of her Pop Chips!

 photo IMG_20161015_165428_zpscjotcekq.jpg

We left before the costume contest took place but I got to snag a photo with someone dressed as Oogie Boogie!

In the coming days I will post some of my haul and other goodies!

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