Thursday, October 20, 2016

[13 Days of Halloween] Day 12 - Bust Magazine's Horror Movie List

Have you picked up a copy of the latest Bust? If not you better go grab a copy before some snot wad decides to destroy the covers! Besides some spooky beauty picks - many of which are vegan + cruelty free there is a pretty impressive list of horror movies that are perfect for any time of the year but, might get more love right now. When I got the issue Matt and I went through our collection and had a bunch on the list. We then set out to find a few more and see what was streaming and have been on a kick the last few weeks.

I am not going to post the whole list here - I want you to go pick up a copy of Bust! Here is a sampling of the movies - the ones I really like! Are any of these your favorites as well?

Dumplings - 2004

The Craft - 1996

Gingersnaps -  2000

You're Next - 2013

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