Monday, August 31, 2015

More Kat Von D Lip Colors

Susperia (liquid lipstick) on my lips. I wanted something fun to balance and not compete with my brows. It is a nice muted medium purple shade.

I had to go get Homegirl lipstick. The color is a nice dark burgundy. It reminds me of my junior high go to  WnW with black eyeliner as lip liner days. However like with the other dark colors in this line it gets blotchy after a few hours and wear away clumpy. Also it applies patchy - darker in some spots. I seen this happen in swatches - I thought it was bad lighting - nope.

I got a mini Lovecraft with my beauty points. It is a nice nude and wears better than the darker shades in the line.

I am not really great with the selfies-thing but want to share some makeup looks and I hope you dig them. If your bank account only allows one lip color product I would go for a shade in the liquid lipstick range. They wear better and do not fade into a clumpy mess. I plan on getting a few more colors in the liquid lipstick range when I get a chance until then I have plenty of colors to play with!

VeganMOFO 2105

Starting tomorrow I will be doing VeganMOFO for another year. I am splitting my time between my blog and Instagram this year. I will be using the daily prompts - it will make me less stressed and easier to get things done by utilizing the list. I am hoping to do it everyday and if not I will give it my best effort! I cannot wait to see what everyone will be doing!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Cemetery Gates Volume 2 - Out Now!

Finally it is out! I had some set backs like dealing with depression and waiting for a cover that never came. But after working on a few different covers myself I came up with a design and went off to the printers.
Cemetery Gates volume 2 is about connecting with spirits. There are personal stories that talk about messages from the departed. Of course there are photos I took over the summer of the cemeteries I visited. I bring history and facts about some of the stones I found. Also I interview a spiritual practitioner on honoring loved ones that have passed. Also with each order you get an angel post card from a shot I took in Lodi, CA at Cherokee Memorial Park.You can pick up your copy in my Etsy store for $5.

I am hard at work on #3 - which will be extra special. I plan on doing a double issue that will come out in mid October. The theme is the thin line between worlds. I am trying my hand at photographing models and bringing to life concepts I have in my head. Here is a sneak peak from last weekend!

Friday, August 21, 2015

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick Review

I am in love with Kat Von D's Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks. I have two colors and want to get more.

I bought L.U.V. first - because it stood out being dubbed a 'rich violet' color. Right now I am all about the purples!

I really liked L.U.V. so when I had a Sephora return a few days later I bought Ayesha because I have been wanting a lavender color that stood out (most have been pale).

After trying KVD's lipsticks and finding them a bit drying I was hesitant to try the Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks. I am glad I did because they work out (for me) better than the lipsticks. The wand applicator makes them easy to apply. The formula is wet letting you apply it smoothly and dries to a matte finish. You have about a minute window before the color sets into place. The colors stay on a long time and the slim lip gloss container is super portable. Bonus they do not have a funky taste or smell - important for me!

I have a few more colors on my wish list that I will pick up as soon as my wallet allows me to. A tip is to order them directly from Sephora - all the Sephora locations I have been to have super picked over displays.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

I LOVE VEGAN DOUGHNUTS!!!!!! Family Donuts & Deli Carmichael CA

I was in Sacramento trying to handle personal business and feeling kinda crummy when I remembered seeing online that there was a doughnut shop nearby offering vegan doughnuts. When we plugged the address for Family Donuts & Deli into the GPA and saw we were super close. So like true vegan foodies we headed over to check them out.

Walking into the nondescript doughnut shop I was weary there were going to be vegan doughnuts. The guy behind the counter asked if we needed help and when I asked about vegan doughnuts he pointed to trays of vegan delights! My jaw hit the floor and my eyes glazed over. True Homer Simpson moment! We settled on chocolate stars filled with vegan custard (jelly was an option as well) and I got a cup of really good coffee with soy milk. 

Notice the look of lust in my eyes - sorry doughnut you time with me is short! Also how rockin' is the pentagram shape right?!?

After eating our doughnuts I decided my sadness needed more sugar so I got a glazed twist to split. The owners must have seen how sugar starved my spirit was so they sent over a chocolate log doughnut stuffed with chunky peanut butter. We had that after a late night screening of Strait Outta Compton in the theatre parking lot. Yum!
Family Donuts are top notch they are making delightful vegan doughnuts from scratch. Try a star doughnut filled with custard or a big as a plate apple fritter. You can find them on FaceBook or stop in on the weekend for vegan doughnuts at 9045 Fair Oaks Blvd Suite A, Carmichael, CA.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Santa Clara Mission Cemetery

I love this cemetery, the old rows of stones and small mausoleums, the small chapel that you sit in with remains in the walls. So much to see, so much history. This is one of those 'all day' cemeteries that you want to explore for more than hour. However due to time we only had an hour before the guard told us we had to leave.

One of my favorite images of the day. I noticed a few missing limbs that day but this totally had me pause and take a photo. 

As the gates closed behind us I noticed this cat and another playing amongst the stones.

I liked the dark marble with the natural stone of this marker. Plus I think the name Lillo is pretty cool. 

Hail to the V! Yes - I am poking fun of those stupid commercials for Summer's Eve - I hate them!

Saint Thérèse of Lisieux aka The Little Flower is one of the saint statues in the Saint Clare chapel. Folding chairs and remains right next to each other might creep some out. In earlier times bodies where buried in churches and the best spots were reserved for those with money naturally. 

My favorite part was the rows of these tiny mausoleum. They looked strong yet fragile at the same time. Like rows of tiny doll houses collecting dust.

Monday, August 10, 2015

5 Vegan Beauty Products Under $5 You Need Now

Currently I am using each one of these products in my makeup routine. Most are from the drugstore but a few are from online but still will not break the bank. I wanted to share what I have been using because I really like these products and think some of my blog readers will as well.

Milani Moisture Matte Lipstick in Blissful. So hard to find nudes and light pinks that work with my light olive skin. Usually stuff is too light or pink based and looks horrible on me. The formula is really smooth and applies evenly. $4.99

Purple brows - why not? I really like the lippie pencils from Colourpop. They have crazy staying power and the consistency/texture works well for brows! $5

For nice glossy black lashes I reach for Wet N Wild Max Volume Plus Mascara. It comes in a giant pink tube and looks kinda space age-y cool! The formula is a more wet formula and the bristle of the wand are shorter and more spike-y helping to get each lash. It stays on pretty well for all day/night action. $4.99

Jordana 12 Hr Made to Last Liquid Eyeliner Pencil in Black Point - I buy these in bulk whenever I see them. It my favorite eyeliner. It stays all day, super inky black in color, costs $1.99 and goes on smoothly. You need a German blade pencil sharpener to keep the point fresh. After trial and error I find this specific type of sharpener works best.

Another Milani pick is Bella Eyes Gel Powder Eyeshadow: These go on so smooth you can use your finger to apply them. I have a few of the brown shades and am currently using Cappuccino on a daily basis. They are only $4.49 each and feel a lot more luxurious due to quality and packaging. There are colors for everyone (check site for vegan colors), finishes that range from matte to shimmer and blend with other shadows seamlessly.

For $1 you can get Blackbird Cosmetics loose shadow sample in Thirteen. Actually you can pick up any of the samples for $1 each. I actually bought a few and Thirteen is my favorite. I wanted a nude matte that works well with my skin tone and this delivered. The samples are generous and the packaging is very pretty. 

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Looking Cute In San Jose - Fashion Harajuku Walk

Group shot - a diverse mix of fashion! 

I pulled out my bone tights and platform Converse for the event.I tried going for my everyday but jazzed up look!

This is Daisy - she helped organize the event. I liked following her around because she was sporting a super cute plush Purin backpack that brought a smile to my face!

Jacky (who I know from the zine scene) was another organizer and how I found out about the event! How she wears so many accessories and manages not to topple over baffles me!

Mira looks like a purple haired space princess from the planet cute!

 Having fun in the Disney Store. 

Lolitas do more than just tea parties - they grab drinks in the food court!

Bonding time over vegan food and cute tattoos!

Thank you to mister boyfriend Matthew for helping with photos and my anxiety to approach new people and talk to them. Thank you to Jacky for the invite. Thanks to everyone I met and who let us take photos. There will be more posted to Super Cute Kawaii soon!
 I cannot wait to get back to San Jose! The Westfield Mall/Santana Row was a really nice area. Between vegan food like Veggie Grilll and Loving Hut there was plenty of shopping to be done. Tokyo Japanese Lifestyle, Lush, American Apparel and stores I did not get a chance to hit up outside the mall area all made my bank account sigh.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Stuff I have Been Eating

Jenga garlic sticks via Plant Based Pizza in San Jose, CA. They were good - I liked the presentation best. It is really cool to have an all vegan pizza place. We had two pizzas and while they were okay we have high pizza standards and felt these were a step up from frozen.

More San Jose eats. Cauliflower wingz from Veggie Grill.  My first time here and sadly I am allergic to a lot of the food - even all of the salads due to my quinoa allergy. I ordered a sandwich as well but they never brought it out to me. The wingz were okay I think they need more sauce on the side. I really enjoyed the tea here and the fact they serve beer!

These Brownie Crisps from Trader Joe's are insane! Crunchy and tasty - like the crispy parts of brownies that people fight over. I bought a bag and had to go get two more in a week!

Pig-free pigs in a blanket, weenie roll ups or crescent dogs - whatever you call them. I added cheeze to mine. The sauce on top is a chipotle ranch sauce. Also plated is the roasted broccoli from Healthy Happy Vegan Kitchen and Annie's new vegan mac & cheeze. The Annie's mac & cheeze was disappointing. It had 0 flavor yet tasted rancid at the same time. No thanks! 

Vegan beans and weenies - yes more comfort food!I had left over tots and naan so I added that and a side salad to round out our dinner.

Loving Hut's Crispy Rolls - big fat panko coated egg roll perfection.