Wednesday, August 19, 2015

I LOVE VEGAN DOUGHNUTS!!!!!! Family Donuts & Deli Carmichael CA

I was in Sacramento trying to handle personal business and feeling kinda crummy when I remembered seeing online that there was a doughnut shop nearby offering vegan doughnuts. When we plugged the address for Family Donuts & Deli into the GPA and saw we were super close. So like true vegan foodies we headed over to check them out.

Walking into the nondescript doughnut shop I was weary there were going to be vegan doughnuts. The guy behind the counter asked if we needed help and when I asked about vegan doughnuts he pointed to trays of vegan delights! My jaw hit the floor and my eyes glazed over. True Homer Simpson moment! We settled on chocolate stars filled with vegan custard (jelly was an option as well) and I got a cup of really good coffee with soy milk. 

Notice the look of lust in my eyes - sorry doughnut you time with me is short! Also how rockin' is the pentagram shape right?!?

After eating our doughnuts I decided my sadness needed more sugar so I got a glazed twist to split. The owners must have seen how sugar starved my spirit was so they sent over a chocolate log doughnut stuffed with chunky peanut butter. We had that after a late night screening of Strait Outta Compton in the theatre parking lot. Yum!
Family Donuts are top notch they are making delightful vegan doughnuts from scratch. Try a star doughnut filled with custard or a big as a plate apple fritter. You can find them on FaceBook or stop in on the weekend for vegan doughnuts at 9045 Fair Oaks Blvd Suite A, Carmichael, CA.


  1. Wow! What an epic spot - I love that they make star shaped doughnuts and a chocolate log stuffed with PB sounds like one of the best things ever!

  2. I second that a peanut butter stuffed donut sounds awesome! The pentagram donut also looks like an adorable fox head. I had bannock with raspberry jam yesterday, it was almost like a donut.