Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Cemetery Gates Volume 2 - Out Now!

Finally it is out! I had some set backs like dealing with depression and waiting for a cover that never came. But after working on a few different covers myself I came up with a design and went off to the printers.
Cemetery Gates volume 2 is about connecting with spirits. There are personal stories that talk about messages from the departed. Of course there are photos I took over the summer of the cemeteries I visited. I bring history and facts about some of the stones I found. Also I interview a spiritual practitioner on honoring loved ones that have passed. Also with each order you get an angel post card from a shot I took in Lodi, CA at Cherokee Memorial Park.You can pick up your copy in my Etsy store for $5.

I am hard at work on #3 - which will be extra special. I plan on doing a double issue that will come out in mid October. The theme is the thin line between worlds. I am trying my hand at photographing models and bringing to life concepts I have in my head. Here is a sneak peak from last weekend!

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