Monday, August 3, 2015

Stuff I have Been Eating

Jenga garlic sticks via Plant Based Pizza in San Jose, CA. They were good - I liked the presentation best. It is really cool to have an all vegan pizza place. We had two pizzas and while they were okay we have high pizza standards and felt these were a step up from frozen.

More San Jose eats. Cauliflower wingz from Veggie Grill.  My first time here and sadly I am allergic to a lot of the food - even all of the salads due to my quinoa allergy. I ordered a sandwich as well but they never brought it out to me. The wingz were okay I think they need more sauce on the side. I really enjoyed the tea here and the fact they serve beer!

These Brownie Crisps from Trader Joe's are insane! Crunchy and tasty - like the crispy parts of brownies that people fight over. I bought a bag and had to go get two more in a week!

Pig-free pigs in a blanket, weenie roll ups or crescent dogs - whatever you call them. I added cheeze to mine. The sauce on top is a chipotle ranch sauce. Also plated is the roasted broccoli from Healthy Happy Vegan Kitchen and Annie's new vegan mac & cheeze. The Annie's mac & cheeze was disappointing. It had 0 flavor yet tasted rancid at the same time. No thanks! 

Vegan beans and weenies - yes more comfort food!I had left over tots and naan so I added that and a side salad to round out our dinner.

Loving Hut's Crispy Rolls - big fat panko coated egg roll perfection.

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  1. That's the first time I've heard of a quinoa allergy though I'm not surprised, bummer though as it is in so much vegan processed foods. Flavorless and rancid is definitely a lose/lose!