Monday, December 21, 2015

Holiday Gift Guide For The Zinesters In Your Life

Zinesters deserve gifts too! Here is a gift round up for those that want to start making zines and the established zinesters that already have a few issues under their belt.
A long arm stapler is a must. You are going to want to order one online - these babies are not sold in stores, at least all the ones I checked. I have had mine since 2012 and it has not slowed down once!

How about a gift card to the print shop of their choice.  A lot of people who do not make zines themselves often do not get how much printing can cost. It can really add up! This could be useful when it comes down to buying groceries for the week or printing a new issue of your latest up all night work.

If you are into crafty gifts why not carve them a personalized stamp? That would be pretty rad. It could be as simple as a name or an address stamp. Heck make 'em a kitty cat stamp if they have a cat-centric zine.

Sharpies - they are a must. Have at least 5 on hand at all times! Am I the only one that has noticed a rise in Sharpie popularity? They seem to be one of those 'it' crafty staples now!

Same with glue sticks - but you need 10 with you at any given moment.

A cat! Because what else are you going to write about!?

Make that two cats - so you can have enough material for a few issues!

How about a stack of zines, a gift card to a local store that sells zines or online gift certificate to a distro? Not only do zinesters make zines - that want to read them.

Encouragement - it does not cost anything. A few words telling someone you believe in them is the gift that helps people get things started and get things done.

I hope 2016 ushers in lots of new zines, zine makers and zine related events. Go out and create a zine today!

Friday, December 18, 2015

EBABZ 2016 Wrap Up

I did it - it is over. I DID IT! I was so worried that I was not going to do it, letting myself down, others down. I did not even want to talk about it the week leading up to it, in case I was thinking something bad and then EBABZ would be mentioned thus making EBABZ bad. That is how my mind works, it sucks, but I have gotten a bit better about it. My mind seems to go into overdrive though leading up to big events and EBABZ is the biggest event I do each year (the only one I did this year). So yes I was nervous.

 Thanks for the photo Matt!

We got there right when the event started but since I am a table pro I knew I could get things sorted out in a minute. Found my table - same spot as last year and bonus they remembered a chair for Matt. My only table flaw was forgetting to see if the new LED holiday lights I brought needed batteries - they did, I had none.  I said hi to a few people and Matt joined me. The first hour was slow and we were hungry so Matt went and got us a stack of taquitos from Flaco's at the farmer's market plus the water I forgot in the car as I jumped out as he went to find parking.

This year I walked away with more unsold/not traded zines and less zines I bought from others. People seemed to not be in the trading mood. It is okay though. Matt and I bought as many zines, books and art as we could. I would have bought more but each time I got up the crowed gathered around me and I had to fight my way through. At one point as the event wrapped up, I ran down the street to get a smoothie and cookie - only vegan option around. As soon as I got out of EBABZ my ears were assaulted with 'hey girls' and a few scumbags who wanted to get my attention.This made me glad the day was coming to an end and I could go get proper food.

I made new connections, saw friends, got inspired and came back with zines to read all week. Sure there was cliques (something some people still cling to past high school), I was tired and sales were down but in the long run - I did it and I am happy!

Sunday, December 13, 2015

[Creepmas] Day 13 - Warm Creepy Wishes

I want to wrap up Creepmas with a positive message or try to at least. Sorry if it is light on creepy but I reflect on a lot on things and want to speak my mind! I shared a lot of gift ideas these 13 days but at the end of the day gifts are not the important thing. Chances are if you are reading this blog, you are under a roof and you have food in your belly or at least have access to food and you have free time to enjoy a break. Be thankful for those things. At the end of the day think of the good and not the bad, because the good will get you out of bed in the morning, the bad will not.

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If you are in the bay area head over to Mountain View Cemetery for the rest of the month to view holiday lights till 9PM. Park and walk around the front of the cemetery to see light displays and mingle with other cemetery lovers. It is really nice!

Saturday, December 12, 2015

[Creepmas] Day 12 - Toys For The Kid In All Of Us

Matt and I collect toys. Sometimes we are asked if they are for our children while checking out and I reply - "we do not have children" and get odd stares. Matt and I also like to talk about the toys we grew up with as kids - many of the same ones circulated within our toy chests! If you are like us and love spooky cute toys here are my top picks. I guess they are suitable for children too but I am allergic to children so use your own judgement!

Vampletes make super soft cuddly creatures to snuggle with. There are many undead critters to choose from including a Vampyre Bat named Hector! I wonder if he was the first in the bat gang to die? Sorry Moz reference!

Winter time means yeti time! This plush will have you yelling for yetis! Say Hello to Yurik your foreign exchange pal who wants to sip vegan hot cocoa with you!

Monster High dolls are not only cool - they serve as fashion inspo for me. Luna is actually one I have in my collection because -duh- insects! We also sponsored a foster child's holiday wish this year and bought her Monster High dolls!

Every Creepmas home needs their own Pumpkin King! Funko Pop figures are fun to collect and again I have this toy in my collection!

Friday, December 11, 2015

[Creepmas] Day 11 - Decorate Your Creepmas Tree

Matt asked if we planned on putting up our mini tree this year - I replied "umm.....cats". The cats would not let us have a tree. It is okay - I have them! If I had a tree these ornaments would be on them for sure.

CrafTGram has the cutest crochet skulls to decorate your tree. I love their lil faces.

I need these glass tombstone suncatcher ornaments by QTSG in my life. I just need to find a cat free zone so they will not break.

This hanging bat chick ornament by builderstudio is awesome! It has a steampunk feel and really creepy cool!

Bring bugs into your house - faux bugs that is! I love this creepy cool beetle! It would go well with all my other insect goodies!

If you are feeling crafty you can make your own. I bought some blank wooden ornaments, painted them, added fabric detail with Mod Podge and puff paint. I did not like the jute cord that was on the ornament when I bought it so I replaced it with a red and white corded ribbon I bought in the $1 section.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

[Creepmas] Day 10 - Random Gifts For Random People

Whethere it is a Secter Santa gift exchange or a small gift for a cool person you do not know well enough I got you covered. These gifts say wow without worry.If these picks fail you there is always a coffee shop gift card!

This bat wing mug would make morning coffee extra special. Also it can do double duty as a pencil/pen organizer!

Paper Dandy's Horrorgami book has detailed instructions for creating some frightful scenes. Give someone the gift of a crafternoon on a cold day!

 You can never go wrong with a candle. WitchCityWicks has a variety to choose from with spooky themes. 

A tumbler cup like this Ouija Board one is good for iced tea and morning smoothies alike!

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

[Creepmas] Day 9 - 5 Minute Craft - Toxic Candy Canes For Kitties

Here is a easy craft to make for the kitties in your life. They remind me of candy canes so I thought they would be great for Creepmas. You just need pipe cleaners (I used Creepmas-y colors here but feel free to use whatever), a Sharpie or thick pen and a few minutes.

Take 2 pipe cleaners and curl them around a pen. Once completely coiled remove gently so you will not disturb the shape. I like to bend the ends in if the metal seems sharp.

Make a few dozen and give them to your kitty. These are also great little cage toys to donate to your local no kill shelter for the kitties waiting to find a good home. Put on some music (right now I am in a blackgaze mood) and make a bunch till your fingers go numb!

You can also use them to decorate kitties that are to tired to play. Mortis poses with a toxic green toy!

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

[Creepmas] Day 8 - Ghosts (Or Spirits) of Creepmas Gifting

Here are some of my esoteric picks for summoning the gifting spirit (or spirits) in time for Creepmas! Use at your own risssssskkkkkkkkkk......

Ouija Board mints will keep your breath fresh while chanting. I bought some during Halloween - out of the three tins I bought only mine had planchette shaped mints. After you are finished with the mints use the tin for business cards or to hold small trinkets. These make good little stocking stuffers!

This pendulum board by EnchantedRumors will help you answer all of life's toughest questions like: should I get out of bed today?

 The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck  is full of beautiful art work. I use my deck every day not only for grounding but for the great art work on each card.

I do yoga a few times a week. Sometimes my practice is spiritual and I am left refreshed from bending and breathing. I also get some great ideas on my mat so maybe the universe is really connecting with me! This skull yoga mat by Yas is super rad and will be perfect for a home practice or to take to class.

Dreaming of you...Keep this bat sketch book by HouseofDarqueness beside your bed to write or draw your dreams. As time passes see if any connecting themes spring up.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Lush Face Masks Review

I recently took in a stack of black pots to Lush and claimed two new fresh face masks to take home and try.

Don't Look At Me has to be my favorite. It's bright blue hue and scrub-y texture is fun to use. Rice gives the mask a gentle scrubbing effect while the silken tofu and lemon leave skin feeling soft and clean.

Cranberry is a seasonal mask with cranberries as a main ingredient (duh!). This is a lovely mask that feels calming on the skin and smoothing as well as soothing.

While looking at the fresh face masks I glanced up and noticed more new products!
Cup O' Coffee smells amazing and after one sniff  I wanted to bolt out of Lush and find a coffee shop to grab a drink or two. I have used this both on my body and face. I prefer body because man is this stuff sticky! It is loaded with agave and once you smear it on you feel like you have been bathed in glue. Not my fave out of the three - mostly due to the stickiness and the coarse coffee grounds in it but again the smell is nice!

[Creepmas] Day 7 - Deck The Walls

Matt and I both love art a lot and try to support as many artists as we can. Art makes good gifts for others and for your home. Here is some cool art picks for your home or for you to give to others.

I start off with Mab Graves' The Dolly Collector. I collect toys - from big eyed creepy dolls to cute plushies so I love looking at all the toys captured in this print. Please read my interview with her on SCK.

Matt just received a few prints from Sophia Rapata  in the mail. I liked the fact she took time out to address the package herself, used washi tape, stamps and other crafty touches to make the packages special.

Simona Candini is another favorite of mine. I have some of her work on my wall. I need to add this one to my collection though - it reminds me of Mady and I. I like how cats and other animals play a part in her work. You can read my interview with her on SCK as well. 

I have this print of The Baphomet by Chuck Hodi on my wall - a gift from Matt - it is awesome!

ParlorTattooPrints has old school style that has a modern feel to each of their prints. Lydia is a favorite of mine.  I have their Moz print on my wall.

I hope you like these art picks! I feel art is the gift that keeps on giving - better than an STD right?

Sunday, December 6, 2015

[Creepmas] Day 6 - Winter Holidays In A Cemetery


Yesterday we set out to do some cemetery errands in Stockton, CA: find a grave for someone who contacted me, zine photo shoot, to say hi and check up on friend's relatives. It was rather cold and Matt was recently sick so we did not stay long. The cemetery was full of decorations and trees. Here are a few photos I took.

Maybe not really a holiday wreath but the colors are spot on! 

Hark a Creepmas angel signs! Hee Hee! I could not resist!  Actually after the Cemetery Matt took me to grab a almond milk pumpkin spice latte from Peet's and The Smiths' Cemetery Gates came on! Spppppppoooookkkkyyyyy!

*NOTE: I do not find cemeteries creepy - I know some do. I wanted to show these photos off though and thought Creepmas was appropriate.*

Saturday, December 5, 2015

[Creepmas] Day 5 - 5 Creepy Cool Gifts For $5 OR Under

On a budget? Looking for stocking staffers? Or do you think you deserve a little something after all this holiday madness? Here are 5 gifts for under $5 that are creepy yet affordable!

Makeup Revolution's Salvation Liquid Lip Lacquer in Vamp - $5 for a really deep dark purple? Yes please! I recently bought this color and like it a lot!

Be prepared to talk to the dead where ever you go with this mini planchette keychain by Fiendies. Last year I received a larger version as a gift and the quality is really good! $3

Creepy cats that you can pin any where are super rad! Get one or two for the creepy cat lady in your life via Dripface. I have a few myself! $1.50

A Halloween party year around for your letters and other fun crafts with this washi tape. $2.95

 Wear your coffin on your sleeve with this screen printed coffin patch by Kreepshowkouture. $3