Monday, December 7, 2015

[Creepmas] Day 7 - Deck The Walls

Matt and I both love art a lot and try to support as many artists as we can. Art makes good gifts for others and for your home. Here is some cool art picks for your home or for you to give to others.

I start off with Mab Graves' The Dolly Collector. I collect toys - from big eyed creepy dolls to cute plushies so I love looking at all the toys captured in this print. Please read my interview with her on SCK.

Matt just received a few prints from Sophia Rapata  in the mail. I liked the fact she took time out to address the package herself, used washi tape, stamps and other crafty touches to make the packages special.

Simona Candini is another favorite of mine. I have some of her work on my wall. I need to add this one to my collection though - it reminds me of Mady and I. I like how cats and other animals play a part in her work. You can read my interview with her on SCK as well. 

I have this print of The Baphomet by Chuck Hodi on my wall - a gift from Matt - it is awesome!

ParlorTattooPrints has old school style that has a modern feel to each of their prints. Lydia is a favorite of mine.  I have their Moz print on my wall.

I hope you like these art picks! I feel art is the gift that keeps on giving - better than an STD right?


  1. You've opened my eyes to some artists I hadn't heard of, this is all so up my street. Thank you for sharing :)

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  3. Appreciate the time you took to post this

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