Friday, December 4, 2015

[Creepmas] Day 4 - Gifts That Are Creepy & Useful

I have a serious organizing problem and the thought of receiving gifts this year fills me with dread. I am already fretting about where to put them. First world problems right? So instead of things that will waste space I figured gifts that are useful would be a better bet. Here are my picks for creepy, dark, cool gifts that are also useful.

I send out a lot of mail - zines, postcards, letters. I like decorating the envelopes with stickers and stamps. I recently bought a stag beetle stamp from UnderdogPress and am very impressed with the quality. There are plenty of cool stamps to choose from. Insects, planchettes,  bats and skulls to decorate and inspire craft fun. Bonus most stamps are under $10 - making them perfect stocking stuffers.

Every year the boyfriend and I exchange calendars.So I am always looking out for new ones. I am a fan  Megan Lynn Knot's cat paintings and when I saw her newest creation - a bat calendar with moon phases I was like wow!

Candles - yes more candles! These dark delights by BurkeHareCo are made from soy wax and are 100% vegan! In scents like Cemetery Gates and In Memorium your house can smell like a funeral home!

Do you know someone who just moved out into their own place? I think a perfect gift is a nice set of fluffy bath towels. Luxurious bath towels are often the last thing we think about buying ourselves but once we do - man do they feel nice right?

People used to write letters and send cards - before the internet sucked out our souls. I love sending letters still and unique stationary is a treasured item in my office! These cards are by Mab Graves ,one of my favorite artists that combines the creepy and cute perfectly. Bonus: cards are easy to buy frames for to turn into art work!


  1. Ahhhh I need that bat calendar! And I love Mab Graves - I had no idea she had these cute cards available!!

  2. I love sending mail too - that stamp is awesome. I love the bat notecards too:)