Friday, December 11, 2015

[Creepmas] Day 11 - Decorate Your Creepmas Tree

Matt asked if we planned on putting up our mini tree this year - I replied "umm.....cats". The cats would not let us have a tree. It is okay - I have them! If I had a tree these ornaments would be on them for sure.

CrafTGram has the cutest crochet skulls to decorate your tree. I love their lil faces.

I need these glass tombstone suncatcher ornaments by QTSG in my life. I just need to find a cat free zone so they will not break.

This hanging bat chick ornament by builderstudio is awesome! It has a steampunk feel and really creepy cool!

Bring bugs into your house - faux bugs that is! I love this creepy cool beetle! It would go well with all my other insect goodies!

If you are feeling crafty you can make your own. I bought some blank wooden ornaments, painted them, added fabric detail with Mod Podge and puff paint. I did not like the jute cord that was on the ornament when I bought it so I replaced it with a red and white corded ribbon I bought in the $1 section.

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  1. Very cool selection of decorations! The crochet skulls are my favourite.