Friday, July 31, 2015

Zines - Why We Make Them

It is the last day of July - the last day of IZM . Some of us got a lot done and some of us did a few activities. What is important is we all celebrated the love of zines. I tried a few new techniques, released a new zine, shared my zines and thought of new zine ideas!

On this last day I wanted to share the varied responses to the question: why do you make zines? Throughout the years I have gotten to know so many zine makers from different scenes and I find the only thing connecting us at times is a zine. But zines make a strong bonding glue!
Why I make zines: zines are my voice when I do not feel like I want to communicate with others. It is a way to reach out, share my ideas and have a voice from the comfort of my house. I started reading/making/contributing to goth zines in the 90s. It took me awhile to make my own - I had to get over some insecurities (something I still battle with) and just do it!

 Why do you make zines:

I make zines to make my academic research more accessible to everyone, and explore complex issues as well as politics - both social and personal. - Jess

I make zines to strengthen print media in a time when it is weak, to share the voices of artists who have not found a mainstream outlet and to put my work out there, to keep me accountable, working, and diligent.  - Rebecca 

I make zines to share my story in the hopes that it resonates and helps someone else overcome whatever plagues their mind/body/heart/soul. I write zines to genuinely connect with others and stand in solidarity on -ism issues while lending my voice to help institute change in whatever small way I can.  - Dawn 

I make zines because I love reading zines, and I wanna share my stories with zinesters. - Poliana 

I make zines 'cause I need to. Need to write words. Need to share experiences & my obsessive internal banter. Need to make art with scissors & pictures & words & gluesticks & glitter. Need to create. It's the perfect art form, really. (& when you get to work alongside the most amazing boy in the world? Pure purrrs.) - Deirdree

i don't make zines, i am zines ~ - Steven  

 I make zines for my own therapy. It helps me release stress, tension and all the random thoughts that seem to clutter my brain. Also make zines to share my experiences with others and hopefully make a difference in a person's life..even if it's a small insignificant difference. - Brandy 

I make zines to use all the magazine scraps and bits and pieces of paper I can't seem to stop saving, as well as explore concepts and share my writing and humor and passion for food and small print.  - Heather 

I make zines because it rhymes with beans. - Chris  

I make Pinche Vida / Zine because we were tired of life, monotony and rutine. We needed a way to express ourselves and yell to the world the way we are feeling about the things that happen around us. We still believe in the magic of the printed pages. - Pix 

When we first started we were 16, I was into painting and my best friend into taking pictures, we didn't knew much about art neither, anybody into it like us, so we decided to put up a submission call for a local art show, we met a bunch of people and as we got older the project evolved into art shows, a blog, fanzines and interview, we met people like us around the world and started to do things together. It's been 6 years, and to answer the question I need it to say that. Short answer: to keep learning. As we have met people and together make things, we have grown up so much as creatives. That's why we keep doing it. - Naville 

I always wanted to be a writer, and later I got into different forms of art, like drawing and photography. When I was in High School, the school paper never wanted to publish the things I submitted to it saying it was offensive and obscene. I wanted to make something that would incorporate all my writing and my drawings without censorship and without care for technique and language. Zines are my outlet, they're my freedom and my life. - Hadass 

Is 'because I can' too egotistical of an answer? Otherwise... I make zines because they are my playground. A place where I can let my words play and be free. I love writing books - don't get me wrong. But it is nice to use words to make art without needing to worry about ebook layouts and bad reviews on Amazon Pressure-free creating. - Jaime 

I make zines because I find them to be an achievable goal and a way to share my life with others. Kelsey 

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

July Vegan Cuts Beauty Box & Petite Vour Reviews

Vegan Cuts Beauty Box: I have to state that out of both boxes this month VCBB has to be my fave. Everything is pretty usable and will not go to waste.
Pacifica Supernatural eyeshadow trio (stone cold fox): I really like the colors in this trio and how easy they apply with the swipe of a finger. However even with loads of primer they melted off my black liner.
The Wonder Seed hand cream: When I saw it was labeled as 'Spring Lavender' I cringed, not really a lavender gal but I tried it anyway. I really like it, it is a clean floral scent - not to grandma's linen closet-y. The cream absorbs fast and leaves hands soft and not greasy.
Everclen cream cleanser: This cleanser left my face feeling clean and refreshed and not dry or irritated like some cleansers. It works well at the end of the day to get rid of all the grime you have encountered.
Bedrock & Bloom  tooth powder: Kinda odd to use and I  think my standard toothpaste made my mouth feel cleaner. I have only used it once so maybe I should try again.
Osea Atmosphere Protection Cream: I used this as a moisturizer/primer under my makeup and really like it. Nice texture, no funky smell, and it absorbs well.

Petite Vour: Not a fan of this months box, maybe if the polish color would have been something I would wear I would be happier.
Aila nail lacquer: Not my color at all - a peachy coral color that I already found a new home for. Bummer.
Luxe De Mer Gentle Cleanser: I am not a big fan of these wipe on cleansers - I really do not feel they do anything. This one picked up some dirt though. It would be good to use if you get sweaty at the gym and just wanted a quick wash.
Nubian Heritage Mango Butter: This is a decent sized sample tub. It smells good and I wish that the texture was better - even after warming a bit in my hands for a minute it was hard to spread and it felt gritty. It also left me feeling a bit greasy. 
routine De-Odor Cream: The scent is "Sexy Sady" - a clean earthy herbal scent that I like. It also did not irritate my pits, covered up sweat-stank and lasted long. 

I like getting the boxes in the mail each month. It is like a surprise pick me up treat. Sometimes boxes are really awesome and other times you are not so happy with what you got. I have discovered many new great products through both boxes that made me go off and buy more.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Goth Summer Tips - Cruelty Free & Cemetery Friendly

Oh me oh my it is hot out there. I am usually fond of summer, I like being warm, I hate being so cold I feel like a Frozen extra. This summer is different, the heat is sticky and once you leave the house it knocks you off your feet. 
I compiled a list of tips and tricks to keep you looking cool and feeling cool as you make your way through cemeteries, catching brunch at your favorite vegan hot spot or doing errands. Stay cool my friends - do not let the heat or the man get you down.

I am not a fan of my feet, mostly my toes after being stomped on one to many times they are a little sad looking. However once the temps reached 100+ I pulled out my Sanuk Yoga Mat flip flops  - I have two pairs and yes they are both black. I have written about how comfy these are before and they are worth the price. Some people like cheap flip flops - those offer no cushion and after a hour of sweat the rubber starts digging into your toes - ouch! Do not do cheap!
If you are exploring a cemetery flip flops are not a really good option. Especially if the cemetery grounds are not well kept or the grass is very dry. Pull out your boots and once done you can slip back into your flip flops. If you do want to wear your flip flops - make sure you take it slow, no climbing or trudging through the old section where the weeds are thick. Earlier this month I made a trip through my favorite cemetery (Catholic Cemetery in Stockton, CA) in flip flops - not bad but I did get poked and my feet got itchy. 

Drink water!!! You can drink beer (or coffee!!!) too but follow up with water - being dehydrated is no joke! Save that medical insurance for something fun like falling off a mausoleum that you climbed on top of not something wimpy like dehydration! Joking of course - but seriously drink a lot of water. I can tell when I am thirsty pretty fast, my hands get prune-y and my chest hurts. Not fun!

Protect your pits and that new band shirt you just scored by using a natural deodorant. No one likes stinky people (I am sure I am wrong - there is a fetish for everything) so lube up your pits before heading out. Currently I am using Meow Meow Tweets Baking Soda Free Deodorant. It has a super spreadable consistency and does not irritate my sensitive pits. If you are feeling all adventures and junk try making your own with help from The Spooky Vegan. This is another sensitive pit option - it did not make me get a rash like so many other natural deodorants out there.  

SPF - get odd spots like the back of your neck if you are wearing your hair up. I learned this the hard way last year when I got an ouchy burn. So not fun. Also apply SPF to your face and use extra protection like a tinted CC cream with SPF to get you covered. Right now I am using Juice Beauty Cellular Stem CC Cream which I really like. It blends well, comes in 5 shade options and does not leave you looking orange or oily (like a few other creams I have used). 
Also protect your lips - if you are rocking a shiny gloss right now layer it over a SPF balm. The shine will attract the sun and your pout will look more scary than sexy. Right now I am into purple lips and my fave go to long lasting sweat proof colors are from Colourpop - I have a variety of the pencils in purple and magenta shades. I am sure I am breaking some safety rule out there but I also use them on my brows (purple brows! yes!) and they do not sweat off. 

Wear shades - the bigger the better. In my pictures you most often see me wearing my giant Versace shades. I feel like a rich bitch when I put them on and boy do they really help me stop from squinting. Also squinting leads to wrinkles and after buying Versace glasses and cemetery gas money I cannot afford Botox at this time!  

Bugs are cool until they bite you. Save your blood for that date with the faux-vampire you met online and make yourself up a batch of this insect repellent. I heard eating a lot of garlic keeps the bugs off you to but might scare the faux vampire dude away...

Stay safe spooky summer friends. I do not want to hear of anyone melting or bursting into flames. Usually summer posts end with something like 'see you by the pool' in my case though see you in a cemetery near you....

Friday, July 17, 2015

Lush Kalamazoo Review

I went into Lush armed with a gift card, my 'leave me alone face' to ward of the super eager all over me staff and looking for some new to me treats. My skin has been freaking out this summer, I get these bumps - not acne more like blisters and I blame the heat. Everything feels to harsh or drying even on my normal-oily skin.
So I saw Kalamazoo and though it was dubbed a beard wash it said it could be used as a face wash as well. The creamy texture, the you know it comes from Lush clean-herbal scent and the newness factor had me buy a tub. I have been using it for about a week and really like it. I notice my dry patches are not so bad, inflamed areas less inflamed and it is gentle enough to remove the stubborn black trails my mascara leaves down my cheeks after getting some sleep.
Kalamazoo is packed with gentle cleaning stuff like almond oil and grime busters like citrus oils. If you like a cold cream type texture for your face you should give this a spin. I bought the small $9.99 size but will splurge on a bigger size next time to share with the beardless but sensitive skin boyfriend.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Faux Entomology - DIY Creepy Home Displays

I recently bought a bag of plastic beetles in hopes of getting to do something crafty with them. In the past I made beetle jewelry and this time around I put one aside for that but I wanted to try something new.
I had a bunch of small frames I bought for another project that never happened - you know how that goes right? The frames are the perfect size to showcase my new plastic beetle collection.
I cut out the plastic protective covering with an craft knife - it is in place of the glass. I used the photo template to trace some random scraps of paper I had in my paper pile to fit the frame. I glued the paper onto the cardboard backing and secured it in place. I then used a heavy duty glue to attach the bugs - my first go around was using a glue gun and the bugs dropped off. I let them dry and they are ready to hang gallery style or perched on an end table.Creepy perfection with a cute kick!

Monday, July 6, 2015

Turning 36

The last weekend in June I celebrated turning 36 with lots of fun and vegan food! My birthdays usually depresses me, I  feel really sad as I turn to June in my calendar. This gloomy feeling has not failed me for the last few years.

Matt wanted me to cheer up so what better way than celebrating my weekend with my childhood pal Hello Kitty. We headed off to Sacramento for the day and after sharing a burrito from Whole Foods we headed to the Sleep Train Arena to have some fun. Hello Kitty Supercute Friendship festival was a blast - full of activity, photos and fun.

We stopped for cupcakes and a muffin at Pushkin's. I got the toasted coconut - I love the crunchy bits of coconut on the top.

We stumbled upon the Catholic cemetery just as the guard was making his rounds and told us to get out. I have to go back - there were some gems here!

We can never go to Sacramento and not have dinner at El Papagayo. I cannot stress how good the food is or how awesome the owners and staff are to us. Everyone is friendly and it makes going back every time a treat. I got my taco salad with 1/2 tofu and 1/2 squash - squash scream summer right?

I have so many vegan cookbooks I stopped buying them. I was not using them enough and feet guilty. Matt bought me a few as gifts that I have made a promise to use them all this July with at least one recipe a week! I hope this encourages me to dust off some of my other cookbooks and use them.

So turning 36 has not been so bad. This summer heat is not doing me any favors but my plate is full and I will work on bettering myself/my mood/and the things around me as the heat burns on.