Tuesday, July 28, 2015

July Vegan Cuts Beauty Box & Petite Vour Reviews

Vegan Cuts Beauty Box: I have to state that out of both boxes this month VCBB has to be my fave. Everything is pretty usable and will not go to waste.
Pacifica Supernatural eyeshadow trio (stone cold fox): I really like the colors in this trio and how easy they apply with the swipe of a finger. However even with loads of primer they melted off my black liner.
The Wonder Seed hand cream: When I saw it was labeled as 'Spring Lavender' I cringed, not really a lavender gal but I tried it anyway. I really like it, it is a clean floral scent - not to grandma's linen closet-y. The cream absorbs fast and leaves hands soft and not greasy.
Everclen cream cleanser: This cleanser left my face feeling clean and refreshed and not dry or irritated like some cleansers. It works well at the end of the day to get rid of all the grime you have encountered.
Bedrock & Bloom  tooth powder: Kinda odd to use and I  think my standard toothpaste made my mouth feel cleaner. I have only used it once so maybe I should try again.
Osea Atmosphere Protection Cream: I used this as a moisturizer/primer under my makeup and really like it. Nice texture, no funky smell, and it absorbs well.

Petite Vour: Not a fan of this months box, maybe if the polish color would have been something I would wear I would be happier.
Aila nail lacquer: Not my color at all - a peachy coral color that I already found a new home for. Bummer.
Luxe De Mer Gentle Cleanser: I am not a big fan of these wipe on cleansers - I really do not feel they do anything. This one picked up some dirt though. It would be good to use if you get sweaty at the gym and just wanted a quick wash.
Nubian Heritage Mango Butter: This is a decent sized sample tub. It smells good and I wish that the texture was better - even after warming a bit in my hands for a minute it was hard to spread and it felt gritty. It also left me feeling a bit greasy. 
routine De-Odor Cream: The scent is "Sexy Sady" - a clean earthy herbal scent that I like. It also did not irritate my pits, covered up sweat-stank and lasted long. 

I like getting the boxes in the mail each month. It is like a surprise pick me up treat. Sometimes boxes are really awesome and other times you are not so happy with what you got. I have discovered many new great products through both boxes that made me go off and buy more.

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