Monday, July 6, 2015

Turning 36

The last weekend in June I celebrated turning 36 with lots of fun and vegan food! My birthdays usually depresses me, I  feel really sad as I turn to June in my calendar. This gloomy feeling has not failed me for the last few years.

Matt wanted me to cheer up so what better way than celebrating my weekend with my childhood pal Hello Kitty. We headed off to Sacramento for the day and after sharing a burrito from Whole Foods we headed to the Sleep Train Arena to have some fun. Hello Kitty Supercute Friendship festival was a blast - full of activity, photos and fun.

We stopped for cupcakes and a muffin at Pushkin's. I got the toasted coconut - I love the crunchy bits of coconut on the top.

We stumbled upon the Catholic cemetery just as the guard was making his rounds and told us to get out. I have to go back - there were some gems here!

We can never go to Sacramento and not have dinner at El Papagayo. I cannot stress how good the food is or how awesome the owners and staff are to us. Everyone is friendly and it makes going back every time a treat. I got my taco salad with 1/2 tofu and 1/2 squash - squash scream summer right?

I have so many vegan cookbooks I stopped buying them. I was not using them enough and feet guilty. Matt bought me a few as gifts that I have made a promise to use them all this July with at least one recipe a week! I hope this encourages me to dust off some of my other cookbooks and use them.

So turning 36 has not been so bad. This summer heat is not doing me any favors but my plate is full and I will work on bettering myself/my mood/and the things around me as the heat burns on.


  1. Yay! Looks like you had a pretty rad birthday!

    I totally feel you on the heat...drags me down as well :(

    On the plus side, we are getting closer and closer to Halloween!!!

  2. I'm about six months older than you :) My birthday is wedged right between christmas/new years and I always work the night of my b-day so I never have time to even think about growing a year older but I hear ya on the weight of another year past. Glad you were able to celebrate it in an adventure filled way!

    Smoking hot up here too - just wadding through the haze of forest fire smoke and heat - cooling down with lots! of iced coffee, fruit and crunchy greens.

  3. I have my fair share of cookbooks too. I should use them rather than buying more. Haha. Those cupcakes look tasty. :]

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