Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Vegan Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie

Lately I cannot get enough peanut butter - my go to is PB2. I eat it throughout the day.  Recently my friend sent me a copy of  Blossom's Mayim's Vegan Table I went strait for the Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie. I made it on a Friday night for the weekend. All day Saturday I dreamed of that pie. Once home, I sliced an organic banana and sliced the pie and we went to town on it! So good, so tasty and so easy. I even shared it with my neighbor who raved about it.  You can buy all the ingredients (which amount to 4 unless you include bananas) at Target for about $8. The pie crust I bought (Keebler - accidentally vegan) made 8 pieces of pie making it an affordable treat.  
I believe this weekend calls for me to make another one.

Monday, April 14, 2014

A Stack Of Zines - Mini Reviews

When I searched for zine reviews this week I came up pretty empty handed. I wish more places were out there were we can read zine reviews and submit our zines for review. I have often been scared to send in my zines because most reviews want a zine to fit into a category: per-zine, fictional, art/comic, review...The Stay At Home Girlfriend does not really fall into a category, it is a mixture of everything.The zines I seek out are usually of the same nature.
So to fill a void in zine reviews I will go through what I am currently reading or have read recently. I will try to do this as often as possible. I have linked places were you can pick up the zines/find more info yourself.

Mixed up: I bought this (well, actually Matt paid for it) when I was dropping of zines at Down at Lulus's a few weeks back. I picked it up because I am always looking for zines that deal with stuff like immigrants and race issues.I have not gotten through the whole zine but there are some good reads. 

Food Stamp Foodie #3: This is my favorite type of zine - one that mixes vegan foods/recipes and crafts! Each recipe/craft is done comic style and is easy to follow. From making scarves to making cold brew coffee this lil zine packs a DIY punch.

Basic Paper Airplane 7: I do not usually go gaga over per-zines unless I can relate to the topic or the voice/person behind the zine grabs me. BPA#7 is a small zine, that I finished in a few minutes on my way to the gym but it was a zine that had impact. Each page is prompted by what appears to be a random thought/memory and a story that follows. Quick little reads that may make you think of your own life or memories.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Recent Foods Eats - Kitchen & East Bay

I bought The Oh She Glows cookbook right away. Since I am a fan of the blog and the recipes I know the book would make me happy and our bellies happy. I have tried a few recipes and our fave is the balsamic tempeh. It smells so good in the oven and once out of oven, the flavors are simple but magical.

I tossed the tempeh on a salad with roasted chickpeas, hummus, dressing and greens. A slice off leftover bread toasted rounded out the meal. I am making the tempeh again tonight, another salad combo but with a few twists, like a different dressing. I used to buy dressing all the time - now I have my mini mason jars and love combining oils, vinegars and spices to create my own.

We spent last weekend in San Francisco and Berkeley. I bought some kitchen and lunch essentials at Republic of V.  The chips are tasty, light cheeze flavor, not super oily like other chips and have a strong crunch factor without cutting into one's gums.

We ate at Flaco's twice over the weekend. Both times I got the huarache plate with black beans! The extra thick corn tortillia is so good! The huarache is my go to as well as stealing bites off Matt's taquito plate.

Speaking of picking off Matt's plate...He ordered the savory brunch on Sunday at Timeless. I have a headache and lack of sleep had the genius idea to have more caffiene and a bear claw...I picked off his plate of french toast delight....Then ordered myself more sugar and coffee to go!

On Monday to keep it simple and clean up all the fried food and caffeine in my system it was gluten free pizza night and a simple salad tossed with red wine vinaigrette and topped with hummus.