Thursday, April 3, 2014

Recent Foods Eats - Kitchen & East Bay

I bought The Oh She Glows cookbook right away. Since I am a fan of the blog and the recipes I know the book would make me happy and our bellies happy. I have tried a few recipes and our fave is the balsamic tempeh. It smells so good in the oven and once out of oven, the flavors are simple but magical.

I tossed the tempeh on a salad with roasted chickpeas, hummus, dressing and greens. A slice off leftover bread toasted rounded out the meal. I am making the tempeh again tonight, another salad combo but with a few twists, like a different dressing. I used to buy dressing all the time - now I have my mini mason jars and love combining oils, vinegars and spices to create my own.

We spent last weekend in San Francisco and Berkeley. I bought some kitchen and lunch essentials at Republic of V.  The chips are tasty, light cheeze flavor, not super oily like other chips and have a strong crunch factor without cutting into one's gums.

We ate at Flaco's twice over the weekend. Both times I got the huarache plate with black beans! The extra thick corn tortillia is so good! The huarache is my go to as well as stealing bites off Matt's taquito plate.

Speaking of picking off Matt's plate...He ordered the savory brunch on Sunday at Timeless. I have a headache and lack of sleep had the genius idea to have more caffiene and a bear claw...I picked off his plate of french toast delight....Then ordered myself more sugar and coffee to go!

On Monday to keep it simple and clean up all the fried food and caffeine in my system it was gluten free pizza night and a simple salad tossed with red wine vinaigrette and topped with hummus.

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