Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Good & The Bad: Tingly Edition

Tingly seems to be a buzz word in the beauty/skin care circle. Tingly often is associated with a deep down clean feeling - being refreshed and energized.     


First the good: Hurraw's Moon Balm. It is a night time treatment to help your lips feel moisturized. The first time I tried it I thought "hey this reminds me of something". It reminds me of Carmex - you know the yellow tubs of stuff your mom had in her purse while you were growing up. It is subtler than Carmex but it tingles - in a good soothing way that is pleasant.

I saw Willa Skin Care at Target and was curios about the vegan status of their company. After contacting them they stated that none of their products contained animal or insect ingredients. The line is targeted to pre-teens and younger teens but the ingredients are natural and the products look to be universal.
The bad: I bought the fresh face mask to try out. I like how thick and creamy the product was - also the fact it was a bright green color making it fun. After a few minutes my skin started to burn not tingle but burn. So I hopped in the shower and rinsed it off. Once the water hit my face it burned even more and I had to rub it off quickly to avoid the pain! I do not know if this was my face saying "hey your not a pre-teen, go get some products for your age range" or some type of reaction but the only time I have felt a burning sensation like this before was when I was using a depilatory cream on my legs! Not fun at all! I am glad that after rinsing the mask off my skin went back to normal (well, combination oily for me!)....

The bottom line: never use products on your skin that burn or hurt! Tingle is different - tingle should tickle not make you cry!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Oakland - San Francisco Eats & Shopping

Saturday was spent in Oakland and San Francisco. I wanted to promote Yes, It's Vegan and do some fun stuff.

Lunch was at Peeple's Donut Farm - I picked the most unusual item on the menu - gravy covered doughnuts! Matt played it safe with his fave mole burrito! The food was great and the service was super friendly like always. We took a banana fritter to go for our ride home later that night!

First stop after getting out of our taxi was Japan Town! I had to do some light shopping - some cute stationary and fashion magazines. Since the last time we went there they have put in a small arcade full of games. We thought we would make it back but totally forgot - next time!

We headed to Mission in search of dinner. On our walk around Matt pointed out the VegNews offices, Matt went book shopping  and did some movie gawking at Lost Weekend Then I got happy because we came upon Detox Market - with a sign in the window saying 'be back in 5' - we waited andddd waited. I found them online and wanted to check them out so I was pouting thinking I missed my chance. They had a big ol' banner for Hurraw vegan lip balm in the window with a display, I wanted lip balm!  The shop owner came from the back to inform us they were actually closed but let us shop anyway! Matt spoiled me with tea and lip balms and I picked up some tea as well. We headed over to Dante's Weird Fish - since they switched back to having vegan options and added the Dante's to the title. We ordered food (+ wine for me) and while somethings were different the meal was good, plus we did not have to wait for a table for hours like previously!

It was a fun day...However later that night I ended up getting sick (possible food allergy) and have felt off since then. However I am already planning another trip to the bay!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

[CLOSED]Giveaway: Barefoot and In the Kitchen

I first picked up a issue of the zine Barefoot and In the Kitchen in SF. I  was specifically looking for vegan zines and this one stood out! The art was cute and the recipes were tasty looking.

Fast forward a 5+ years later Ashley Rowe

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Bay Area 100% Vegan Craft & Food Show

I am looking for vendors. Please contact me for information! 

Monday, July 23, 2012

New Zine - Vegan Spa Day

I released a new zine - Vegan Spa Day! I challenged my self for Int'l Zine Month with a new size and format. This is a zine I wanted to put out for awhile, if you have read any of my previous zines you know I like natural beauty recipes. This zine has over 20 recipes that are easy to make with easy ingredients. Go pick up a copy today.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Persian Cats - No Need For Breeders

Martha Stewart bought some new Persian kittens this month - prompting me to want to bitch slap her. Here are some perfectly fluffy Persians that are looking for their forever homes, from rescues across the USA. Buy shoes not cats!!! Seriously, I see Persians in rescues a few times a year, you gotta look. Take a trip to your local shelter!

Jenner is in Nappa, CA - looking for a great home!

 Tofu!!! Who would not enjoy an extra large cat named Tofu! Squishy white kitty! Tofu is im Buena Park, CA looking for a good home without children. 

Charlie - he is a stud! Seriously fluffy black and white Oreo kitties are the best (OK so I am biased here!). Charlie is in Huntley IL, looking for a good home!

Blanche is a golden girl looking for a new home, where she will be loved and not forgotten. Blanche currently lives in Ann Arbor, MI.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Review: Down Yonder: Vegan Zine

I am a fan of vegan zines, I search them out. When I saw Down Yonder I contacted the author and set up a trade. I received the zine yesterday and really dig it. The recipes are simple with ingredients you can find easily. The food takes on a comfort feel, from Fritos that are fried to chocolate and cherry bars. I totally dig the writing style and the food choices. You will too - go pick up this zine!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Hempz Lotion - Smells Like Candy

I was at Ulta recently when I stumbled upon Hempz lotion. I have seen it for years but never knew it was vegan (it says so on the label). I tried it on and instantly I smelled like candy! The smell is addicting and it lingers. The formula is nice, not to heavy. If you like fruity, sweet scents pick up a bottle now!

Monday, July 9, 2012

A Happy Dog Rescue Story

Last Tuesday on our way to the gym Matt and I spotted a dog limping down a busy street. We pull over and try to get her to come to us, no luck, she crosses the busy street and we follow after her, Matt picked her up and we brought her home.

Matt snapped a photo of her (the one above, sorry for the transfer blur, but you can tell she looks so sad) and we went looking for her home and posting fliers. We checked online sources for lost and found and had no luck. Poor doggy was injured, old and tired. Her nails were so long they curled in on themselves. All we could tell was she was a female. Since it was after 5PM and the next day was a holiday we just had to wait it out. A few people said 'call animal control' but we could not in good faith do that, she would be destroyed.

We got a break on Fourth of July at Pet's Mart, we got a rescue number and knew of the the lady in charge through seeing her and having other rescue friends in common. She came the next day, gave me antibiotics for her and said she would help find her a home. By this point we knew that she was spayed, a chocolate Lab, her injuries were probably from being hit by a car and she was a little hard of hearing (age related or from injuries). With food in her, she started perking up barking and wagging her tail.We took her to a vet to see if she was chipped - no luck.

We continued feeding her, making calls and taking care of her. Mar was angry and tried going after her and just stared her down from his window seat. The doggy started barking in the middle of the night and all day...I tried keeping her calm and feeding her...She was underweight and had a hard time eating. I forgot dogs just poop wherever - no litter box...

Saturday we got a call that the rescue found her a home! Saturday night she was picked up and was being driven to her new home that night. She gets to be indoors and is going to see a vet! Good news! I sent her home with dog food and the towel I gave her that she liked.

I like happy endings, don't you?

Monday, July 2, 2012

July Is Int'l Zine Month

July is int'l zine month - a month to celebrate zines. I am going to try out some of the ideas found here, work on a new project and try new stuff out! Last week I released my newest zine The Stay At Home Girlfriend #2. If you have not ordered a copy - do so now! This issue has easy vegan recipes, some positivity advice, bullying talks and a bad ass cover with Mar on it! Pick up this issue or any of my other zines and help me get issue #3 out of TSAHG!