Monday, July 16, 2012

Persian Cats - No Need For Breeders

Martha Stewart bought some new Persian kittens this month - prompting me to want to bitch slap her. Here are some perfectly fluffy Persians that are looking for their forever homes, from rescues across the USA. Buy shoes not cats!!! Seriously, I see Persians in rescues a few times a year, you gotta look. Take a trip to your local shelter!

Jenner is in Nappa, CA - looking for a great home!

 Tofu!!! Who would not enjoy an extra large cat named Tofu! Squishy white kitty! Tofu is im Buena Park, CA looking for a good home without children. 

Charlie - he is a stud! Seriously fluffy black and white Oreo kitties are the best (OK so I am biased here!). Charlie is in Huntley IL, looking for a good home!

Blanche is a golden girl looking for a new home, where she will be loved and not forgotten. Blanche currently lives in Ann Arbor, MI.


  1. Ah seriously so true. I have never understood the concept of breeds/breeders. But even if someone is really that set on a certain breed, there's still no justification for supporting breeders, when there's "purebreds" like these guys waiting for homes in shelters!

  2. Totally agree & it pisses me off!
    There is NO NEED to buy from a breeder when there are so many furr babies out there that are in need of a home!
    I hope all of those babies find forever homes