Monday, July 9, 2012

A Happy Dog Rescue Story

Last Tuesday on our way to the gym Matt and I spotted a dog limping down a busy street. We pull over and try to get her to come to us, no luck, she crosses the busy street and we follow after her, Matt picked her up and we brought her home.

Matt snapped a photo of her (the one above, sorry for the transfer blur, but you can tell she looks so sad) and we went looking for her home and posting fliers. We checked online sources for lost and found and had no luck. Poor doggy was injured, old and tired. Her nails were so long they curled in on themselves. All we could tell was she was a female. Since it was after 5PM and the next day was a holiday we just had to wait it out. A few people said 'call animal control' but we could not in good faith do that, she would be destroyed.

We got a break on Fourth of July at Pet's Mart, we got a rescue number and knew of the the lady in charge through seeing her and having other rescue friends in common. She came the next day, gave me antibiotics for her and said she would help find her a home. By this point we knew that she was spayed, a chocolate Lab, her injuries were probably from being hit by a car and she was a little hard of hearing (age related or from injuries). With food in her, she started perking up barking and wagging her tail.We took her to a vet to see if she was chipped - no luck.

We continued feeding her, making calls and taking care of her. Mar was angry and tried going after her and just stared her down from his window seat. The doggy started barking in the middle of the night and all day...I tried keeping her calm and feeding her...She was underweight and had a hard time eating. I forgot dogs just poop wherever - no litter box...

Saturday we got a call that the rescue found her a home! Saturday night she was picked up and was being driven to her new home that night. She gets to be indoors and is going to see a vet! Good news! I sent her home with dog food and the towel I gave her that she liked.

I like happy endings, don't you?