Tuesday, November 25, 2014

New Zine - Vegan Meals Made Fast & Easy Thanks To Trader Joe''s

This handy zine has over a dozen fast and easy vegan recipes using food stuff from Trader Joe's. Included are breakfast tacos, carnival tots, Island stir fry and dips to dip stuff into. You can buy the zine in my Etsy store and I will ship it out right away. I hope to release a few more of these zines and am always looking for people to submit recipes.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Review: Blossom Vegan - Pleasanton, CA

Last weekend Matt and I had lunch at Blossom Vegan. It is pretty much a Loving Hut in a strip mall but the food is good and if you need to stock up on groceries there is a Trader Joe's in the parking lot. Be warned it seems popular and since it is small seats fill up quickly. Service was good and the food came out fast.


My go to meal whenever I hit up one of these locations: Yum Yum Vermicelli - I love how all the flavors come together and you get a bit of everything in one bowl.  

Matt got the Five Spice Tofu over rice. Another one of those a little bit of everything plates. Not pictured is the Organic Vietnamese Coffee that we split - really sweet but good!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

A Few Zine Reviews

Here are a few zines that I have read recently. I know I have said in the past I would do more zine reviews but I forget! I also did a handful of reviews in my latest zine. Please buy zines - read zines - make zines!

I am hooked on the art in Plush Issue 1 . Very dreamy, cute and a bit creepy. Perfect tattoo inspiration and some fashion inspiration thrown in there as well!

Eudaimonia #5  has a super rad flying bettle cover (I am into bugs right now!) and the art inside is really cute and inspires me to doodle more. From plants to hair this zine feels whimsical but personal and the art just floats it along.

Double Chinchilla Lucky #13 - Cat art and lots of it! "Nuff said!

Things Men Have Told Me About My Body - Some are wird, a few funny but more than anything a lot will make you angry. Why do men (and women) think they need to comment on other people's physical appearance without thinking twice of it?

Shotgun Seamstress #7:  Fliers for shows and the stories behind them. Inspiring for any of those looking to create an alternative to the alternative.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Simple Vegan Fall Inspired Plate Of Food

Just a simple fast weeknight meal that had a kick of fall thrown in. Pasta with Oh She Glows Pumpkin Cheeze Sauce - I used turmeric, ginger and extra garlic to help fight off cold germs. I also topped it off with some hot seasoning sprinkles from our CSA box over the summer. I made sauteed kale sprouts fried in a bit of Magic Bacon Grease and tossed in some walnut pieces. Also I used up the rest of thhe weeks loaf of bread we had kickin' around for garlic bread. Tasty and fast and it warmed us up!

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Zine Stuff

I have a new issue of The stay At Home girlfriend up. Inside you will find the usual: vegan recipes, living with OCD and cat chat! Also a vegan/cool guide to LA, Ladyfest Bay Area recap and some zine reviews. Please check it out, buy a copy today!

I am also working on a zine about cats and mental health called  theraPURRy. Cats are therapy for me and I believe others as well. I would love to showcase our bonds with our companion cats. I would like submissions to start coming in so I can work on it this fall. So if you have any submissions or even questions let me know!