Thursday, November 13, 2014

A Few Zine Reviews

Here are a few zines that I have read recently. I know I have said in the past I would do more zine reviews but I forget! I also did a handful of reviews in my latest zine. Please buy zines - read zines - make zines!

I am hooked on the art in Plush Issue 1 . Very dreamy, cute and a bit creepy. Perfect tattoo inspiration and some fashion inspiration thrown in there as well!

Eudaimonia #5  has a super rad flying bettle cover (I am into bugs right now!) and the art inside is really cute and inspires me to doodle more. From plants to hair this zine feels whimsical but personal and the art just floats it along.

Double Chinchilla Lucky #13 - Cat art and lots of it! "Nuff said!

Things Men Have Told Me About My Body - Some are wird, a few funny but more than anything a lot will make you angry. Why do men (and women) think they need to comment on other people's physical appearance without thinking twice of it?

Shotgun Seamstress #7:  Fliers for shows and the stories behind them. Inspiring for any of those looking to create an alternative to the alternative.


  1. Thanks for the zine reviews, I love reading them!

  2. Keep up the great work! Would you happen to have any hard copies available in any local (Sacramento area) locations? MEAT Clown Approved!