Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Crescent Mummy Wraps - Cute & Easy

Sometimes the most simplest food is the best. In this case mummy roll ups made with Pillsbury Crescent Roll dough, veggie dogs and a strip of Daiya cheeze tucked in. As you bake these you make a big ol' pot of vegan mac & cheeze, toss is some broccoli and get out the Sriracha and ketchup to make a dipping sauce. Once the mummy wraps are baked let them cool for a minute and dot Sriracha eyes onto them.
This meal has been so popular here and all the ingredients are on sale so we have been munching on mummies a lot lately. Plus it is a cute meal made without mad bento box skills. These do not take much time and effort. Wrapping is the hardest part and once you do one or two you get into a groove. A tip is to make sure you cut the strips right as you pop the can open. If the dough starts to loose it's refrigerated chill it becomes a bit gummy and harder to work with.

Inspiration came from here: www.pillsbury.com/.../crescent-mummy

Monday, October 19, 2015

Dublin, CA - Pioneer Cemetery & Heritage Park And Museum

Matt and I found ourselves In Dublin, CA over the weekend. After powering through a big bowl of vegan pho from Blossom Vegan we searched on our phones for a cemetery to explore. We came across the Pioneer Cemetery,  one that we had not visited before. After a few minutes in the car we found ourselves at the Dublin Harvest Festival. At first from the parking lot we thought Google let us down again but after walking around a tractor pull and kids playing in hay we came across the cemetery and it felt magical! 
 Tucked away from the road and among historical buildings sets this small cemetery. The big movers and shakers that built the town and their families are buried here. The fall leaves were scattered around, a tractor pull was driving through the cemetery road and the old equipment near the barn made me feel like I went back in time.

Matt and I even took a tour of the small museum built into what was I believe the original town church. What was cool about the museum was that they had a cemetery section. I found out about the angel above made from the finest Italian stone for a daughter gone to soon in the museum. After vandals destroyed the first one it was replaced. They have part of the first one under glass in the museum along with a headstone you can do a rubbing on and cemetery facts.

Piece of original angel behind glass in the museum.

The cemetery is great for a walk through tour were you are the guide. Like I said it is intimate in size but it has lots of character. Each historical family has a plaque with facts about their lives and deaths. It is very interesting to read each one and then look at the family stones. 

The leaves are falling. 

Matt being all nature-y. I got on the logs too but they were wobbly and my balance sucks. If I stayed on the logs longer this post might have ended with me reviewing the nearest hospital! But as you can see the cemetery is in the background. Families were walking through that day and people were having fun. We got there at the tail end of the event but I could tell it was a nice day. 

If you ever find yourself in Dublin, CA stop by the cemetery and the museum. There is vegan food near by and vegan options in the mall like a block away.

Monday, October 12, 2015


I made a mini zine for International OCD Week I have had Obsessive Compulsive Disorder since I was young. In my late teens it got bad. For many years I felt ashamed of myself and even withdrew from interacting with people. I am learning now that I am okay, I am capable of love and recieving love as well.

You can get a copy of the mini zine by sending me a $1 through PayPal to cover shipping. Also if you order any issues of The Stay At Home Girlfriend this week you will receive one in your order.

Making zines has help me be brave - it has helped me let my voice shine. I started making vegan food zines but my writing could not be contained to recipes. I wanted to share with others that I have really dark periods in my life, I have thoughts I cannot control, that things fall apart around me but I try to put them back together and hold on. Everyday I wake up and say IT WILL BE A GREAT DAY in my head with as much enthusiasm as I can. Everyday I hope for the best.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Purple & Skulls

Tight details: Sugar skulls from Target. I am hanging out in the Catholic Mausoleum in San Joaquin Cemetery - my fave cemetery. Fast pic before the guards come - I just always wanted to shimmy up onto the podium there. I have this thing for Catholic churches and imagery.  I met up with an online friend to snap some photos, got some cool pics for an upcoming zine. Ragweed allergies and an empty stomach did nothing for my mood and energy level though.

Makeup if your into that: Too Faced Melted in Villain on my lips. I held off on buying this color for awhile but finally saw some swatches and needed to grab it!  My brows are a now discontinued Colourpop color that I am sad to see go because it is now my favorite brow color! I am in a dark purple mood - maybe it is my inner mood or the fall cold air I am starting to feel in my achy bones! Whatever I really like dark purple right now!