Monday, October 5, 2015

Purple & Skulls

Tight details: Sugar skulls from Target. I am hanging out in the Catholic Mausoleum in San Joaquin Cemetery - my fave cemetery. Fast pic before the guards come - I just always wanted to shimmy up onto the podium there. I have this thing for Catholic churches and imagery.  I met up with an online friend to snap some photos, got some cool pics for an upcoming zine. Ragweed allergies and an empty stomach did nothing for my mood and energy level though.

Makeup if your into that: Too Faced Melted in Villain on my lips. I held off on buying this color for awhile but finally saw some swatches and needed to grab it!  My brows are a now discontinued Colourpop color that I am sad to see go because it is now my favorite brow color! I am in a dark purple mood - maybe it is my inner mood or the fall cold air I am starting to feel in my achy bones! Whatever I really like dark purple right now!



  1. Villain is so pretty! Love the colour on you.

  2. In theatre costume design purple is used to indicate that a character knows magic and dark mysteries/ the other worlds, very much in line with this season leading up to Samhain :)