Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Baby Birds!!!

I just wanted to post that baby birds have been spotted in the nest on our front porch! The lil clouds of grey fluff in the video are baby birds!!! If you stand under the light and listen you can hear tiny little chirps! So sweet!!!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Anniversary - Easter Weekend

Over the weekend my boyfriend and I celebrated our five year anniversary. We headed up to Sacramento for a day of eating, shopping and having fun.

First stop was to Never Felt Better where we restocked the store with our goodies and picked up some stuff - like Nacheez - which I will review this week! Jen always carries the coolest stuff!

We had lunch down staires at Sugar Plum Vegan. I had a yummy tofu frittata!

We walked off lunch around mid town. We heard about a designer toy store on our last trip to Sacramento so we searched it out. Dragatomi could easily clear out my bank account. Matt bought me a Bossy Bear and I bought a blind box Miss Cupcake - which was turned out to be the strawberry character - awesome! I am lusting after the kitties pictured! We also discovered Spanglish art gallery/store/work space! I was really into the photos on display by Amanda Lopez. I can't wait to take a screen printing class in the summer!

We looked around Ikea and got some ideas, bought some vases then headed to another part of town. At the mall Matt stocked up on Lego bricks as we sipped a supper yummy blueberry - pineapple kona pop iced tea from Teavana. We stopped at Whole Foods and made our way back home.

In Elk Grove we stopped at Loving Hut for dinner. We had golden rolls and for dinner I got the Golden Beauty with brown rice. Super crispy tastiness!

The Easter bunny brought Mar a cat bed that is shaped like a cat face - he loves it! Also he got a natural paper poof ball as you can see in the corner!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Look At The Goodies I Received!

Over on Ravelry I took part in the Vegan Easter swap. I received my package the other day and was spoiled!

I got the softest organic chunky yarn - I want to make myself something with this, tons of vegan candy bars, organic tomato and peppers to grow and a cute kitty card! I just had to share this lovely stuff! If you have suggestions for simple projects for the yarn I can do please let me know!

Happy Earth Day and have a super awesome weekend!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Some Of My Art

Lately I have been painting. A few times a year Beverly's put their canvas collection on sale and I stock up. My tools of choice, sharpies, paint pens, water color pencils, cheap acrylic paint, my fingers and cotton swabs!

This is "Fair Bear" he made it to Mexico this week!

This is "Matt in His Bearnookie Suit" - it needs to be framed (flat canvas panel) and it will go into Matt's office.

This is ATC sized, it went to my pal in Seattle, it is called "Cub Hailing a Cab"....

This is titled "Mouse Music" - music inspires a lot of my art!

This started it all. I just call it "Sorry", it has no deep meaning - though people kept trying to give the character some outlandish stories. I think I was listening to "Kids" by Sleigh Bells way to much that day!

I have 3 works in progress I hope to finish soon. I will post those once they are done!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Bargain Weekend

I had a busy Saturday with my boyfriend! We headed to farmer's market to check out some vegan skin care (more coming in the weeks to come!), hit up a yard sale, Earth Day at the park where we passed out fliers for the upcoming bake sale, tried having our favorite down town lunch to only find out it was closed so we split a small smoothie from Jamba Juice, mailed tons of stuff out, shopped, had a quick dinner and shot a music video in the back yard. Wow - right?

We hit up a yard sale with tons of strawberry things - I love strawberries but was limited on cash. I bought a ceramic sugar bowl with spoon, a crystal candy dish, a rubber stamp and a Spring time cat to leave at the cemetery for my sister. $5.50 for the lot!

I love bargains! I got the $21.99 bamboo Vera Wang towel at Kohl's for $1.07! I clip coupons - I am not ashamed of it!

I hope everyone is having a fun weekend! I have yard work to do and grocery shopping! I could really use a nap!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Congrats - We Have A Winner!

Congratulation to JoJo who blogs over at for winning the vegan Easter basket contest! I just hope it makes it to England in time!

Thanks to all who entered and be on the look out for another rad giveaway in June in time for my birthday!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What I have Been Up To

For the last few days the blog was down due to some issues with the domain hosting switch. All is back to normal, except, my computer is acting up and my boyfriend and I are trying to fix things. Computer stuff just makes me angry, I don't understand a lot of it which just puts me on edge!

Enough of that! So last weekend my boyfriend did the second day of shooting for a music video he is working on. He needed hair and makeup for the actress. A nice girl came down to do hair and I lined up a makeup artist. Well, the makeup artist did not show up, I was put on makeup duty to create a simple alien queen look and the actress and I are totally different colors. I had new brushes, new liner and she had her own base so I did what I could given such a short notice and not much to work with. We know the actress, she was really sweet and sportive about the whole thing.

After the day long shoot and dinner I bought drinks and snacks for me and the boyfriend-director. I bought the seasonal flavor of Mike's Hard Lemonade which is strawberry - really good! A lot better than the pink ribbon blend last year and a few others I have tried.

This week I tried recreating the 'super bird' sandwich from Denny's for dinner. I made a few adjustments though. I used Monterrey jack cheeze and a whole grain bread. I used Smart Bacon, Tofurky slices, organic tomatoes and Earth Balance spread on the outsides of the bread to get them toasty. My boyfriend was pleased!

I just tired the new Tapatio Fritos - yummy! The leave a trail of heat behind! I will be eating more maybe with a Mike's Hard Strawberry Lemonade!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Vegan Easter "Basket" Giveaway! CLOSED!!!!

Easter is almost here! I love Easter - for me it is not a religious thing but a Easter Bunny thing! My boyfriend and I exchange baskets and Mar gets his own basket full of kitty wonderful stuff! I wanted to spread the Spring time cheer with a Vegan Easter "Basket" giveaway...Why the "Basket" - I cannot mail a basket without fears of it being crushed - you get a Easter gift bag!

I bought some of my fave items that are vegan and that I use daily. Not to mention some vegan sweets to give you a sugar buzz. I will also throw in a copy of my latest zine The Easy Vegan! Here are some the things you will get:
I use this eyeliner every day. It gives me the perfect cat eye wing each time! You get it in black - the color I use of course!

To get the eyeliner to stick I coat my lid with this primer, I started using it even before Urban Decay stated that their Primer Potion was not vegan after all.

I blogged about complexion perfection before - I love this stuff!

This contest is open to everyone. To enter please leave me a comment below telling me what your favorite Spring time activity is. Please have a way for me to contact you, via your blog link or email address.

Extra entry options (leave 1 separate comment for each action):
Follow my blog: MissMuffcake
Like my FaceBook page:
Favorite my Etsy shop:

Contest ends: April 15!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

In The Front Yard Today

Here are a few pictures I randomly took in the front yard today. I love this weather!

We have a bird family that built their new house right next to the front door! We hear birds coming and going all day long! I think it is rather cute!

Some flowers that poped up over night due to the nice weather! I hope more come up soon!

Mar enjoying the nice weather and checking out the cats across the street!

Monday, April 4, 2011


I switched domain name providers after reading about GoDaddy's founder slaughtering elephants. I am now with Namecheap . The transition was pretty smooth - it required a lot of emails and some configuring, nothing scary!

Also over the weekend I produced my first zine. This has been something I wanted to do for many years. It was so fun I am working on more zine ideas. You can pick up a copy in my Etsy shop.

Look out later this week for a new giveaway! I have a vegan Easter bag full of my favorite vegan cosmetics from E.L.F. and vegan sweets! Yay!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Friday Is Now Known As Vegan Pizza Day!

The last few Friday nights have been vegan pizza and beer night. As you can tell I like a thick bubbly crust, my tips to get your crust like this is to use your hands - do not roll it out. I also coat my finger tips with olive oil to work the dough. After getting the ball into a circle shape I put it on my pan and push the dough from the middle out to create a thicker outside rim. It is all pretty simple!

Friday, April 1, 2011


I love bright happy flowers! I love them from my garden or when I find a bunch of buds for cheap, bring them home, cut the tips and they bloom overnight! These beautiful daffodils came from Trader Joe's for around $1.50! Score!