Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Some Of My Art

Lately I have been painting. A few times a year Beverly's put their canvas collection on sale and I stock up. My tools of choice, sharpies, paint pens, water color pencils, cheap acrylic paint, my fingers and cotton swabs!

This is "Fair Bear" he made it to Mexico this week!

This is "Matt in His Bearnookie Suit" - it needs to be framed (flat canvas panel) and it will go into Matt's office.

This is ATC sized, it went to my pal in Seattle, it is called "Cub Hailing a Cab"....

This is titled "Mouse Music" - music inspires a lot of my art!

This started it all. I just call it "Sorry", it has no deep meaning - though people kept trying to give the character some outlandish stories. I think I was listening to "Kids" by Sleigh Bells way to much that day!

I have 3 works in progress I hope to finish soon. I will post those once they are done!

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