Monday, March 28, 2022

Issue #37 - TSAHG


It took me a long time to make this zine because it was hard. I had to come to face the fact that not only did I lose my dad in October, Mady in November, I have also felt like a piece of me has been ripped out of my heart and have been walking around like that for months. Every time I tried writing about the events of Fall, I would find myself battling a depressive episode that took days to come out of.

This zine is not necessarily a depressive zine, just some of the stuff I went through was very hard and took a toll on me that I still battle with today. IO also talk about happy stuff like my favorite food places in Walnut Creek, our new rescue cat Priscilla, books I enjoyed reading, music and more.

If you want a copy please send $4 - USA or $5 Int to the link below with your complete mailing address:

Thank you!