Sunday, December 4, 2022


 I worked on this issue for like 8 months. I finally finished it during ZineWriMo. #38 has a lot to do with cats, mainly how we took 3 cats in over a year. I talk about the two newest additions - Persi and Tino and how they came into our lives. Of course updates on Mortis and Priscilla. 

There is all the usual good stuff such as vegan recipes, book recommendations, and things that I like. Plus a mini vegan guide to Walnut Creek, CA, the magical powers of turmeric, how to fight off mosquitos naturally, and much more.

28 pages folded and stapled! $4 - USA and $5 Int.  Pay Here

Monday, May 16, 2022

Today Issue 4

Explore Roselawn Cemetery in Livermore, Ca with me through pictures. Flip it to the inside to read about cats, magic symbols, and Matt and I celebrating 16 years together. Each zine is printed in color - on both sides. 

$4 - USA / $5 Int 
Use the link below. Thank you! 


Monday, April 4, 2022

Today Issue #3

 Come explore a Catholic cemetery and church with me. A lovely spring day was captured in this zine.  Once you are finished with the pictures unfold it for written content and a dark wave/cold wave/ goth playlist.

The zine is printed in color on both sides. I used a mixture of digital editing, Polaroid photos, watercolor, and pigments to create this issue.

Each zine is $4 if you are in the USA. $5 if you are outside. Please use the payment method below and include your complete mailing address (including name). Thank you! I ship zines daily! 


Monday, March 28, 2022

Issue #37 - TSAHG


It took me a long time to make this zine because it was hard. I had to come to face the fact that not only did I lose my dad in October, Mady in November, I have also felt like a piece of me has been ripped out of my heart and have been walking around like that for months. Every time I tried writing about the events of Fall, I would find myself battling a depressive episode that took days to come out of.

This zine is not necessarily a depressive zine, just some of the stuff I went through was very hard and took a toll on me that I still battle with today. IO also talk about happy stuff like my favorite food places in Walnut Creek, our new rescue cat Priscilla, books I enjoyed reading, music and more.

If you want a copy please send $4 - USA or $5 Int to the link below with your complete mailing address:

Thank you!

Sunday, February 20, 2022

Today Issue 2

 I have a new issue of Today, my cemetery photography/diary zine. It is a fold-out mini, both sides are in color. I use a variety of techniques within this issue like embroidery and watercolor.

Each issue is $4 - USA or $5 Int - the price includes shipping. Please include your address with the payment. Thank you! 

Thursday, February 3, 2022

Foods That I Like To Eat - Foods That I Hate To Eat

 I made these two mini zines when I was feeling ill with a nasty sinus infection. I started off drawing the foods that I hate but wanted to also make a zine with the foods that I like and that is how this bundle was born. 

The colors of paper vary depending on what I have in stock. You get both zines for $4 USA or $5 Int. Please use the PayPal link below. Include what zines you want + your complete mailing address. 


Thank you! 

Sunday, January 9, 2022

New zine - Duci

Duci means sweet in Sicilian. I made this mini-zine about the little things in life that I find sweet. A mixture of washi tape collage and drawings - each little page is packed with visual delight. I even am using a font I made myself within the zine! 

To buy a copy of Duci - please send $3 USA or $4 Int using the link below. Please include your complete mailing address and what you are ordering. Thank you!