Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Good & The Bad: Tingly Edition

Tingly seems to be a buzz word in the beauty/skin care circle. Tingly often is associated with a deep down clean feeling - being refreshed and energized.     


First the good: Hurraw's Moon Balm. It is a night time treatment to help your lips feel moisturized. The first time I tried it I thought "hey this reminds me of something". It reminds me of Carmex - you know the yellow tubs of stuff your mom had in her purse while you were growing up. It is subtler than Carmex but it tingles - in a good soothing way that is pleasant.

I saw Willa Skin Care at Target and was curios about the vegan status of their company. After contacting them they stated that none of their products contained animal or insect ingredients. The line is targeted to pre-teens and younger teens but the ingredients are natural and the products look to be universal.
The bad: I bought the fresh face mask to try out. I like how thick and creamy the product was - also the fact it was a bright green color making it fun. After a few minutes my skin started to burn not tingle but burn. So I hopped in the shower and rinsed it off. Once the water hit my face it burned even more and I had to rub it off quickly to avoid the pain! I do not know if this was my face saying "hey your not a pre-teen, go get some products for your age range" or some type of reaction but the only time I have felt a burning sensation like this before was when I was using a depilatory cream on my legs! Not fun at all! I am glad that after rinsing the mask off my skin went back to normal (well, combination oily for me!)....

The bottom line: never use products on your skin that burn or hurt! Tingle is different - tingle should tickle not make you cry!

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