Monday, July 20, 2015

Goth Summer Tips - Cruelty Free & Cemetery Friendly

Oh me oh my it is hot out there. I am usually fond of summer, I like being warm, I hate being so cold I feel like a Frozen extra. This summer is different, the heat is sticky and once you leave the house it knocks you off your feet. 
I compiled a list of tips and tricks to keep you looking cool and feeling cool as you make your way through cemeteries, catching brunch at your favorite vegan hot spot or doing errands. Stay cool my friends - do not let the heat or the man get you down.

I am not a fan of my feet, mostly my toes after being stomped on one to many times they are a little sad looking. However once the temps reached 100+ I pulled out my Sanuk Yoga Mat flip flops  - I have two pairs and yes they are both black. I have written about how comfy these are before and they are worth the price. Some people like cheap flip flops - those offer no cushion and after a hour of sweat the rubber starts digging into your toes - ouch! Do not do cheap!
If you are exploring a cemetery flip flops are not a really good option. Especially if the cemetery grounds are not well kept or the grass is very dry. Pull out your boots and once done you can slip back into your flip flops. If you do want to wear your flip flops - make sure you take it slow, no climbing or trudging through the old section where the weeds are thick. Earlier this month I made a trip through my favorite cemetery (Catholic Cemetery in Stockton, CA) in flip flops - not bad but I did get poked and my feet got itchy. 

Drink water!!! You can drink beer (or coffee!!!) too but follow up with water - being dehydrated is no joke! Save that medical insurance for something fun like falling off a mausoleum that you climbed on top of not something wimpy like dehydration! Joking of course - but seriously drink a lot of water. I can tell when I am thirsty pretty fast, my hands get prune-y and my chest hurts. Not fun!

Protect your pits and that new band shirt you just scored by using a natural deodorant. No one likes stinky people (I am sure I am wrong - there is a fetish for everything) so lube up your pits before heading out. Currently I am using Meow Meow Tweets Baking Soda Free Deodorant. It has a super spreadable consistency and does not irritate my sensitive pits. If you are feeling all adventures and junk try making your own with help from The Spooky Vegan. This is another sensitive pit option - it did not make me get a rash like so many other natural deodorants out there.  

SPF - get odd spots like the back of your neck if you are wearing your hair up. I learned this the hard way last year when I got an ouchy burn. So not fun. Also apply SPF to your face and use extra protection like a tinted CC cream with SPF to get you covered. Right now I am using Juice Beauty Cellular Stem CC Cream which I really like. It blends well, comes in 5 shade options and does not leave you looking orange or oily (like a few other creams I have used). 
Also protect your lips - if you are rocking a shiny gloss right now layer it over a SPF balm. The shine will attract the sun and your pout will look more scary than sexy. Right now I am into purple lips and my fave go to long lasting sweat proof colors are from Colourpop - I have a variety of the pencils in purple and magenta shades. I am sure I am breaking some safety rule out there but I also use them on my brows (purple brows! yes!) and they do not sweat off. 

Wear shades - the bigger the better. In my pictures you most often see me wearing my giant Versace shades. I feel like a rich bitch when I put them on and boy do they really help me stop from squinting. Also squinting leads to wrinkles and after buying Versace glasses and cemetery gas money I cannot afford Botox at this time!  

Bugs are cool until they bite you. Save your blood for that date with the faux-vampire you met online and make yourself up a batch of this insect repellent. I heard eating a lot of garlic keeps the bugs off you to but might scare the faux vampire dude away...

Stay safe spooky summer friends. I do not want to hear of anyone melting or bursting into flames. Usually summer posts end with something like 'see you by the pool' in my case though see you in a cemetery near you....

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