Monday, December 7, 2015

Lush Face Masks Review

I recently took in a stack of black pots to Lush and claimed two new fresh face masks to take home and try.

Don't Look At Me has to be my favorite. It's bright blue hue and scrub-y texture is fun to use. Rice gives the mask a gentle scrubbing effect while the silken tofu and lemon leave skin feeling soft and clean.

Cranberry is a seasonal mask with cranberries as a main ingredient (duh!). This is a lovely mask that feels calming on the skin and smoothing as well as soothing.

While looking at the fresh face masks I glanced up and noticed more new products!
Cup O' Coffee smells amazing and after one sniff  I wanted to bolt out of Lush and find a coffee shop to grab a drink or two. I have used this both on my body and face. I prefer body because man is this stuff sticky! It is loaded with agave and once you smear it on you feel like you have been bathed in glue. Not my fave out of the three - mostly due to the stickiness and the coarse coffee grounds in it but again the smell is nice!

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  1. I love their face masks! I've got a Cupcake dupe(ish) coming up on the blog soon :)