Saturday, December 12, 2015

[Creepmas] Day 12 - Toys For The Kid In All Of Us

Matt and I collect toys. Sometimes we are asked if they are for our children while checking out and I reply - "we do not have children" and get odd stares. Matt and I also like to talk about the toys we grew up with as kids - many of the same ones circulated within our toy chests! If you are like us and love spooky cute toys here are my top picks. I guess they are suitable for children too but I am allergic to children so use your own judgement!

Vampletes make super soft cuddly creatures to snuggle with. There are many undead critters to choose from including a Vampyre Bat named Hector! I wonder if he was the first in the bat gang to die? Sorry Moz reference!

Winter time means yeti time! This plush will have you yelling for yetis! Say Hello to Yurik your foreign exchange pal who wants to sip vegan hot cocoa with you!

Monster High dolls are not only cool - they serve as fashion inspo for me. Luna is actually one I have in my collection because -duh- insects! We also sponsored a foster child's holiday wish this year and bought her Monster High dolls!

Every Creepmas home needs their own Pumpkin King! Funko Pop figures are fun to collect and again I have this toy in my collection!

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  1. My brother bought me a monster high doll once, best present ever!! I love Hector the bat - he's really cute:)