Tuesday, December 8, 2015

[Creepmas] Day 8 - Ghosts (Or Spirits) of Creepmas Gifting

Here are some of my esoteric picks for summoning the gifting spirit (or spirits) in time for Creepmas! Use at your own risssssskkkkkkkkkk......

Ouija Board mints will keep your breath fresh while chanting. I bought some during Halloween - out of the three tins I bought only mine had planchette shaped mints. After you are finished with the mints use the tin for business cards or to hold small trinkets. These make good little stocking stuffers!

This pendulum board by EnchantedRumors will help you answer all of life's toughest questions like: should I get out of bed today?

 The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck  is full of beautiful art work. I use my deck every day not only for grounding but for the great art work on each card.

I do yoga a few times a week. Sometimes my practice is spiritual and I am left refreshed from bending and breathing. I also get some great ideas on my mat so maybe the universe is really connecting with me! This skull yoga mat by Yas is super rad and will be perfect for a home practice or to take to class.

Dreaming of you...Keep this bat sketch book by HouseofDarqueness beside your bed to write or draw your dreams. As time passes see if any connecting themes spring up.


  1. That yoga mat is so cute! Have you heard of Baphomats? It's an Australian company that makes cool yoga mats! I love their coffin-shaped one!