Monday, December 21, 2015

Holiday Gift Guide For The Zinesters In Your Life

Zinesters deserve gifts too! Here is a gift round up for those that want to start making zines and the established zinesters that already have a few issues under their belt.
A long arm stapler is a must. You are going to want to order one online - these babies are not sold in stores, at least all the ones I checked. I have had mine since 2012 and it has not slowed down once!

How about a gift card to the print shop of their choice.  A lot of people who do not make zines themselves often do not get how much printing can cost. It can really add up! This could be useful when it comes down to buying groceries for the week or printing a new issue of your latest up all night work.

If you are into crafty gifts why not carve them a personalized stamp? That would be pretty rad. It could be as simple as a name or an address stamp. Heck make 'em a kitty cat stamp if they have a cat-centric zine.

Sharpies - they are a must. Have at least 5 on hand at all times! Am I the only one that has noticed a rise in Sharpie popularity? They seem to be one of those 'it' crafty staples now!

Same with glue sticks - but you need 10 with you at any given moment.

A cat! Because what else are you going to write about!?

Make that two cats - so you can have enough material for a few issues!

How about a stack of zines, a gift card to a local store that sells zines or online gift certificate to a distro? Not only do zinesters make zines - that want to read them.

Encouragement - it does not cost anything. A few words telling someone you believe in them is the gift that helps people get things started and get things done.

I hope 2016 ushers in lots of new zines, zine makers and zine related events. Go out and create a zine today!