Monday, August 10, 2015

5 Vegan Beauty Products Under $5 You Need Now

Currently I am using each one of these products in my makeup routine. Most are from the drugstore but a few are from online but still will not break the bank. I wanted to share what I have been using because I really like these products and think some of my blog readers will as well.

Milani Moisture Matte Lipstick in Blissful. So hard to find nudes and light pinks that work with my light olive skin. Usually stuff is too light or pink based and looks horrible on me. The formula is really smooth and applies evenly. $4.99

Purple brows - why not? I really like the lippie pencils from Colourpop. They have crazy staying power and the consistency/texture works well for brows! $5

For nice glossy black lashes I reach for Wet N Wild Max Volume Plus Mascara. It comes in a giant pink tube and looks kinda space age-y cool! The formula is a more wet formula and the bristle of the wand are shorter and more spike-y helping to get each lash. It stays on pretty well for all day/night action. $4.99

Jordana 12 Hr Made to Last Liquid Eyeliner Pencil in Black Point - I buy these in bulk whenever I see them. It my favorite eyeliner. It stays all day, super inky black in color, costs $1.99 and goes on smoothly. You need a German blade pencil sharpener to keep the point fresh. After trial and error I find this specific type of sharpener works best.

Another Milani pick is Bella Eyes Gel Powder Eyeshadow: These go on so smooth you can use your finger to apply them. I have a few of the brown shades and am currently using Cappuccino on a daily basis. They are only $4.49 each and feel a lot more luxurious due to quality and packaging. There are colors for everyone (check site for vegan colors), finishes that range from matte to shimmer and blend with other shadows seamlessly.

For $1 you can get Blackbird Cosmetics loose shadow sample in Thirteen. Actually you can pick up any of the samples for $1 each. I actually bought a few and Thirteen is my favorite. I wanted a nude matte that works well with my skin tone and this delivered. The samples are generous and the packaging is very pretty. 


  1. I'll be looking for some of these when I'm in NY in October :)

  2. I'll be looking for some of these when I'm in NY in October :)