Monday, August 31, 2015

More Kat Von D Lip Colors

Susperia (liquid lipstick) on my lips. I wanted something fun to balance and not compete with my brows. It is a nice muted medium purple shade.

I had to go get Homegirl lipstick. The color is a nice dark burgundy. It reminds me of my junior high go to  WnW with black eyeliner as lip liner days. However like with the other dark colors in this line it gets blotchy after a few hours and wear away clumpy. Also it applies patchy - darker in some spots. I seen this happen in swatches - I thought it was bad lighting - nope.

I got a mini Lovecraft with my beauty points. It is a nice nude and wears better than the darker shades in the line.

I am not really great with the selfies-thing but want to share some makeup looks and I hope you dig them. If your bank account only allows one lip color product I would go for a shade in the liquid lipstick range. They wear better and do not fade into a clumpy mess. I plan on getting a few more colors in the liquid lipstick range when I get a chance until then I have plenty of colors to play with!

1 comment:

  1. Oh man I don't wear makeup anymore but you make me think I should, it looks like so much fun! Especially with color names like 'Susperia' -one of my all time favorite movies and soundtracks! and 'Lovecraft' -one of my favorite writers!! So rad. Love the two tone blue eyebrows :)