Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Looking Cute In San Jose - Fashion Harajuku Walk

Group shot - a diverse mix of fashion! 

I pulled out my bone tights and platform Converse for the event.I tried going for my everyday but jazzed up look!

This is Daisy - she helped organize the event. I liked following her around because she was sporting a super cute plush Purin backpack that brought a smile to my face!

Jacky (who I know from the zine scene) was another organizer and how I found out about the event! How she wears so many accessories and manages not to topple over baffles me!

Mira looks like a purple haired space princess from the planet cute!

 Having fun in the Disney Store. 

Lolitas do more than just tea parties - they grab drinks in the food court!

Bonding time over vegan food and cute tattoos!

Thank you to mister boyfriend Matthew for helping with photos and my anxiety to approach new people and talk to them. Thank you to Jacky for the invite. Thanks to everyone I met and who let us take photos. There will be more posted to Super Cute Kawaii soon!
 I cannot wait to get back to San Jose! The Westfield Mall/Santana Row was a really nice area. Between vegan food like Veggie Grilll and Loving Hut there was plenty of shopping to be done. Tokyo Japanese Lifestyle, Lush, American Apparel and stores I did not get a chance to hit up outside the mall area all made my bank account sigh.


  1. Oy my gosh, how fun! I didn't even know that this was a thing that people do, but I'm glad it exists. I love your bone tights, and the fact that you wear them in August. I just bought a pair of Bride of Frankenstein socks that I was trying to save till October, but I don't think it's gonna happen. I just wanna wear them asap.

  2. I love your tights and the skull top! What a cool scene, awesome you pushed through the anxiety and had fun. It can be so easy to talk ourselves out of get togethers and so nice Matthew is supportive <3

  3. Well this post is just too adorable for words! Love it!