Friday, February 17, 2012

Paw Print Nails

This was done pretty fast yesterday. Something fun and easy to take my mind off going to the doctors (I hate going to the doctors!). I used Zoya - Mitzi (a matte neon yellow green) sponged on in 3 light layers with a non-latex cosmetic sponge at the tip. Then I pulled out a wooden chopstick and used the larger side to create the base of the paw and the smaller end to create the lil paw dots using Man Glaze - Cabron (a carbon matte dark purple). I topped everything off with a top coat and was good to go!

Thank you Catsparella, Mr. Puddy and of course my Mar-Mar panda bear for the inspiration! BTW going to the doctor sucked - sometimes I ask myself why bother?


  1. So cute!

    I hate going to the doctor, too. It doesn't help at all when the visit sucks! :(

  2. Ah! This is a flippin' awesome nail polish job! And sorry about the docs....I think we all hate 'em.