Friday, February 24, 2012

Black Eyeliner Love

My wardrobe is still at least 97% black, I like skull accessories, have a thing for mopey music and can't live without black eyeliner - I just use it on my lids now & not as lip liner! Ohh my inner goth teen is still coming out to play!

Urban Decay released a new 24/7 eyeliner in the blackest of blacks called Perversion. Once I saw it online I ran out to buy it! I am a fan of their 24/7 pencil in Zero and did not think a pencil liner could get much darker - I was wrong.

Perversion on top, Zero Below

The picture is of my fast comparison of the two colors. As you can tell Perversion is more dark and it appears thicker. It is also a lot harder to get off. This is one inky eyeliner. I really like it - it is long wearing and super black! If you love Zero pick up perversion - especially if you like clean crisp cat eyeliner. It looks almost liquid without all of the fuss!

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