Friday, February 3, 2012

A Cup Of Happiness

I have been feeling rather blah lately. I have been really tired, lacking inspiration and just shy of feeling like a zombie. It is not depression or anxiety - stuff I battle daily just a case of the blahs. I went to the store looking for some pick me ups.

I first bought I Am Happy liquid supplement via Vegan Essentials. I then found the line locally. I tried one this week when I was feeling stressed out and my anxiety over time and a clean kitchen was making my inner peace feel like a war zone. I downed the shot and did feel calmer about 30 minutes later. It contains L-Theanine (which I already take) and GABA to help beat the stress out of you. Each little bottle is 5 calories and contains stevia. I am not a fan of the taste - somewhat artificial and medical (like a less tasty Emergen-C packet) and the price about $4 a pop however it really helps. I am buying a few to keep around for those days when I feel stressed.

I was at Cost Plus looking at tea and found Republic of Teas "Get Happy Tea" . It is a caffeine free red tea that contains St. John's Wort. It has a mild peach flavor that is very aromatic. I have been drinking it day and night and it is soothing. At Cost Plus it was about $11 for the 32 tea bag canister.

I hope to feel less crappy soon and finish some projects I am working on. I hate having ideas and no motivation to do anything about them!

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