Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Classic Candy & Old School Treats VeganIzed

Recently I read Now and Later candies are vegan. I guess I heard that before and never had the desire to check till last week when I bought a pack. I remember these from when I was a kid and I believe the Jolly Rancher candy in long flat stick form were lil treats at the corner store my mom would get us. They taste the same and now I want to try all of the wonderful artificial flavors! Matt says they taste like plastic - I say no way...maybe waxy but not plasticy!

Growing up my mom would buy an after dinner treat for us, be it cookies, pastries or an ice cream. We would grab ours right away because my dad would end up eating ours without a second thought. I loved ice cream cones - the little bit at the end of the cone with all of the chocolate - mmmmm...I would savor it so slowly. I can do it again (the vegan way!) now with Tofutti! Yours Truly ice cream cones. These are so yummy. The cookie crumbs replace the nuts perfectly, the ice cream is really rich - to me it has a hit of caramel...The winner is the chocolate nub at the end! Get a box of these now!

I promise I do not eat just vegan ice cream & candy!

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