Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Welcoming In 2012!

I apologize for not blogging as much these last few weeks. Prior to the holidays I was busy with commissioned retail orders (which I am still working on one), commissioned xmas gifts, public speaking!, holiday shopping, trying to see friends and so many more little things. Now that the holidays are over I am relaxing (or in this case dancing) with my new Wii - and reading books via my Kindle Fire - both gifts from Matt. I kinda figured I was getting a Kindle Fire from Matt but the Wii made my jaw drop.
I am a book nerd - I love reading. I like video games - especially the cute kind that remind me of when my family was the first in the neighborhood with a Nintendo. Books do not take effort for me to get into - games do. For the most part the only games I can get into are puzzle games and I give up after a round on other games. With Wii I am so happy - Just Dance is like a work out DVD and for me easy to get into. While Matt is great with any game he throws onto the PS3, he struggles with Just Dance (it is pretty funny - sorry Matt!)...

2012 will hopefully mean a lot of positive changes for me. I really need to clean my craft room - I know I say this a lot but I really do! Organizing the house is going to be another project, I need to learn how to organize! Teaching the community about the joys of vegan cooking and cosmetics is a big goal - I am working on a proposal for the local junior college! Keeping my anxiety low and learning how to live with OCD (Matt found some great info & a support group for me!). Crafty inspiration: finding it and not giving up! Zine building - I have big plans for a new zine, currently I am writing for other zines and working on a quarter sized zine of my own. Continue on my yoga/weights/gym kick, yoga and daily exercise has transformed me inside and out over the last year!

I have a lot of goals that are just to better myself! Being better is something that you just do not stop once you reach your goals - or at least I do not believe it should be. I think being a better person is a continuing process. Here is to a positive 2012! Link

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  1. I am a total book nerd too! Great gifts and great goals! Here's to a fantastic 2012 for you and Matt and your animal companions!